Am I early, spot on, or a little behind?

This is my first attempt. Am I ready to harvest? Pictures are from phone. I have a jewlers loupe, but hard to use it to take pictures. Same original picture, one is just zoomed in.


Look for 95% of pistils be brown. Otherwise looks like some late foxtailing.

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Last week the brown to white pistil ratio was better, but then it shot out more white recently. I was worried about the foxtailing. Should I harvest before it gets worse? Forgot to mention that its LSD strain from ilgm. About 8.5 weeks into flower.

It’ll get better before it gets worse. They’ll stop producing eventually. Some strains are more genetically prone to it than others. It’s a last ditch effort to reproduce.

Here’s ILGM Maui Wowie that finished foxtailing. It took another two weeks. It’s not foxtailing as bad as yours, but it’s an example.


Gotcha. Now as for as the trichomes go, should I not harvest based off of those since it’s foxtailing? Or am not even in the window in that aspect either?

It’s a personal preference, no right or wrong answer. I prefer just cloudy, with very little amber. The MW has some amber in it, even though it fox tailed. Be sure to check trichome color on the flower, and not the sugar leaves.

At the end of the day if trichomes are where you want them, ignore foxtails. Sorry if I made it confusing.

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So if its foxtailing in a consistent way from top to bottom of plant. Does that point more to genetics vs being too close to the lights?

Yes I agree that it’s genetics.

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Ok. So I had started backing off on nutrients before, when there was a higher brown pistil ratio. Should I go back to full nutrients if it could potentially be a while before its ready?

Depends on what your medium is. Soil should have residual nutrients in it for awhile.

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