Am I doing this right?


First grow, longtime investment. Just got my beans from ILGM 5 blueberry autos and 5 amnesia haze. I put the best looking blueberry in a cup of water for 24 hours. No sprout, but planted in a 5 gallon smart pot with fox farm ocean mix. I’ve been keeping the soil damp, spraying with RO water when the surrounding soil starts to dry up. The pot is inside a 2x4 tent with a P300 LED about 38" above the soil on the veg setting. I’m running an 8" and 6" hyper fan for ventilation. I know it’s too big but I got a deal. I’m looking to do this right and waste little time. This is a very exciting thing for me. Any advise at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time,


@Bassface whenever you germinate a seed , you always want to wait until the sprout cracks out the seed . Now this don’t mean it won’t sprout but it gives you a more success rate that it will once the sprout is exposed out of the seed . But just keep the soil where the seed is moist and put your lights on full power for 24 hours until it sprouts than turn on just the veg switch only and leave it on 24 hours for at least a week until the seedling gets established .


Maybe this will help?

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Thank you both for the info. I was beginning to get worried about starting my seed off under an LED. I will try and keep a record on here and let you know how things turn out. I appreciate anyone’s time that is willing to help.


OK this is the first time I am typing or dictating on this website so I don’t know how my last thing got deleted I was trying to edit it but in any case here is my opinion on your situation …
I am somewhat of a newbie myself I have been growing for a couple years now under the tutelage of a master grower and I found that at being a beginner and what not it’s much easier to grow from clones rather than trying to germinate seeds because then you have to worry about a well at sprout be what the sexes all these things that come along with growing straight from seed and usually even master growers like to use clones in big gardens like industrial Gardens because you know what strain you’re getting you know how that strain grows and what it is resistant to and what it is prone to get some like mites or root rot or whatever the case may be and it sounds to me like you put in quite the investment so you might really want to start with clones of I love useinh clones because I can control the outcome as best I can of what the end product will be and I know which train in which plant grows perfectly inside of my indoor set up which like you is very pricey so that’s all I can offer you at this point I hope that you do great and you have a wonderful harvest



Seeds are a nightmare, I love clones too, I’m harvesting some 3rd generation ilgm white widow tonight

Please put in some paragraph breaks if you would, it really helps an old-timer like me follow along, my eyes aren’t what they used to be
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Thanks I will again this is my first time joining this forum; hoping to learn a lot from people like you !!!


Thanks! Lots of great growers here, and this company has great seeds check them out!

takes awhile to get to use the buttons and stuff, I’m still searching for things LOL looking forward to enjoying your pictures (we love pictures!) :slight_smile:


These will help tremendously!

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Day 3 no sprout. It’s hard to not get discouraged. I’ve kept the seed under constant light from my P300 LED about 38" from the top of the soil. It has held a constant 75 degrees and is around 40% humidity. I’m wondering if anyone has suggestions on raising humidity without expensive equipment. I put a pretty large sized bowl of water inside the tent and might have raised about three percent. The soil has stayed damp, I spray with RO water about twice a day. Also I only buried the seed about a half inch. Anything will help. Thank you all for the feedback. Once this bastard sprouts I’ll start uploading pictures of my setup and progress. I think some of you will enjoy the setup.



And the fun begins…


Any suggestions on what I should be watering with for a seedling? I’m using RO water PHed down to 6.4 lightly dripping a spray bottle around the seedling. Do I need to be mixing in small amounts of calmag for the first few weeks?


Ph down to 5.8 @Bassface45 that’s a better range for your seedlings to uptake nitrogen .


Much appreciated



About the 5.8 PH. . . . Is that for hydro or soil? I’m using fox farm ocean mix.


I hope this will help…



Thank you for that chart. It took me a second to understand but eventually it helped me grasp something I did not know.
Stopped at my local hydro store for some measuring instruments this morning. Mixed 1 gallon RO water with 2.5 ML calmag then PH down to 6.4
That’s what I’m planning on watering with till first feed. I believe I’ve read first feed at day 17? I’m using fox farm trio.
Also I was wondering when to start the light cycle. I’m leaning towards 20-4 because this is an auto. My biggest concern about this grow is yield. More of a personal challenge than anything for my first time. Until this point my seedling has been on 24hr of light its entire existence.
I’m having issues with humidity. I bought a 1gallon humidifier to keep it up. The good news is that it’s been constant at least. 72 degrees 40% humidity. If the humidity goes up, the temp goes down. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated on any of these topics. Thank you.