Am i doing this right

What can i do diffrently or what should i be doing at this point ? Can i cut any of these leaves thats kinda clogging the center ? If so which ones ? Thx

Lookin good, yes you can clean out all of the larger fan leaves to open up the middle for some added airflow and light penitration

How old?

I’m looking at around 31/2 weeks from breaking soil. I am LSTing and would like to trim. I’m hesitant as I do not want to stunt the veg stage.

Looking very nice!

From what I understand, trimming autos is a no, no. Any stress is bad stress on um. I think when they are in mid to late flower, you can lollypop them to a degree. I would lst. Just my two cents. Looks good to me though! Impressive girl

I’m pretty sure I just read the same thing not a week ago.

Like @OooWee1184 said, you can go from the underside and lollipop but I wouldn’t
do more than that until I know for certain. Many many people on here grow Auto’s
constantly so they would know better than me. I’m sure the information is here somewhere.

Shes 6 weeks old . A lilttle into preflower . I trimmed a bunch

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It’s fine to trim an auto you don’t want to strip em or do miti topping like a photo and cause shock but unneeded little stuff that never gets light or the bigger fans that are blocking light from developing colas. Do a little here and there. Never lollipop anything late flower, lollipop is done very early flower before the stretch and is what I meant by cleaning up the bottoms of trash and what will become tiny popcorn buds. With autos you just do things slowly and over time so not to stunt their growth in any way. If you shock a photo you can always extend your veg time and allow them to recover.

Your plant looks good, if you can look down on it like your pic and see your pot through it you know air and light can get through to. I can’t see underneath if some of that can be trimmed but under isn’t that important you can clean down there whenever.


@9ernation If you’re questioning if you should cut it just leave it and watch what happens you can always cut more later you can never put it back

Are you gonna train it any?

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Ty for your advice . This is only my 2nd grow so just trying to get better . Last grow i just let it grow like a tree and alot of space was wasted . Not trying to do that again.

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I have been training. Still learning how to do it correctly. But from what ive learned it pays off big time

I’m new at it also. Been reading up on stuff. I came across this forum and it looks like trying on my next go around.

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Look underneath the big fan towards the top of the plant. If they are blocking light to nodes underneath I lean towards removing them.

I’m far from an experienced grower, but I’ve been trimming the heck out of my white widow auto’s leaves and she seems to be doing just fine @ 39 days in. If I had to guess I’d say I’ve probably removed 60-80 leaves total to encourage lower nodes.

Get light to those lower nodes and they will surprise you what they can do.

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This is great knowledge you are sharing @MeEasy, @Oheeeoh.

Much appreciated. Would you trim just at lights on, lights about to go off, or doesn’t really matter?

@9ernation Looks like your doing well on your second. My second looks good compared to my first, which isn’t saying much as my first turned out pretty badly. Anyway, keep up the good fight!

I don’t think it matters but I personally would wait until lights on. Some other members might have different opinions though. Good luck! I’m sure it’ll be fine :slight_smile:

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Ya my first grow was critical mass super autos. they were susposed to be anyways . But i let them grow like trees and they were huge . A little over 7ft was my biggest

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Ty for your help . Greatly appreciated

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Looks like a bamboo forest! :laughing: