Am I doing this right? Help

So 2 days ago I planted 10 white widow autos
The medium I used is a mix of coco loco roughly 75% and fox farm ocean forest about 25% perlite and also added some bio-live 5-4-2 made by down to earth organics 1/4 cup half of the recommended. Everything mixed up to 2 gallons and then divided it up between 10 seedling pots.
After getting all the pots filled I watered the medium untill runoff with some ph’d water around 5.8-6.1 made some holes and dropped the seeds in and covered them lightly. I’ve been keeping my tent at 75f-78f temp wise and RH has been between 55%-65% decently stable around 60% though. Top soil temp is around 76%. And soil ph is around 6.5.

A) Is this medium going to be to hot for the seedling? And thus kill it?
B) Are these the temp and RH ranges I should be sticking with
C) When should I start putting them on light cycle or can I go 24hours for the first couple days after sprouting?
D) How should I be watering them?

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Seedlings are best started in a neutral medium like coco and do not respond well to nutrients. Especially autos.

My first advice is to put away your nutes and not touch again until flower.

Remember that anything you do wrong will slow or stall autos. You have to have your act together to be successful.


Autos do not need light cycle changes. Longer light time should give more growth but is not necessary to change for transition to flower.
I switched from growing autos (start to finish) with lights 18/6 to 16/8 to help lower light bill and see no real difference.

Make them almost have to beg for water then **slowly **water deeply to the point of runoff.

Thanks for the advice I much appreciate it. I will end doing a 18/6 to help with electric also.
All 10 sprouted that I planted. 100% germ rate.

Gonna let the pots run dry and then water again with some 6.0ph water. And I’ve just still using a dome lid on all of them and just misting the top of the soil and foliage lightly.