Am i doing this correctly? (Scrog net)

My plants were very tall so i tied it down with a plant with some twist tie so it go underneath the net so now it looks like this :wink: :shamrock:
(Lmk if you got any better suggestions for me please <3)

It’s more of a support system than a scrog. But it should work for what you need it for.

How far along are you in your grow? How do you plan to use the net? As a SCRoG, which means the plant will grow horizontally under the net with the buds coming up and through or letting the stalks just grow through as is to support the weight of the larger colas you’ll probably get that way?
No real way or right way, just depends on your goals.

Plants are looking good though! Might could use a little leaf thinning to help the lower parts of the plants.

Best of Luck to you!!

  • I’ll keep an eye out but will be kinda in and out this evening.