Am i doing the scrog right


Here is a link to a thread with many examples of how to use a SCROG. There is more than one correct way. You will likely come across a method that suites you in this thread.

Beautiful plants friend. Are they Autos?

No photo reg seed

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Yep that’s the idea. Now as they grow taller, you’ll keep moving the branches to “better” squares, to keep things even and spreading out.

They look great so far!


Looks like you have got them going your way. Friend are you checking your Dli and par?

Dont understand dli completely but at my net its 500 avg par or lux

DLI is your PAR measured for the entire day. PAR is given in micromoles (umol) per second. DLI is given in moles per day. It’s like your PAR, but it also accounts for how many hours you have your lights on.

PAR x 3600 (number of seconds in an hour) x lights on hours = DLI.

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So 500x 3600 x 18?

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You got it. = 32,400,000 umol; after moving the decimal point, you are at 32.4 mol.

Here are the numbers I’ve been using.

Seedling 20-30
Veg 30-45
Flower 45


Me too. They say its just a waste over that without sealed tent and co2. I wouldnt know all I can do to afford fans. Lol