Am I doing something wrong?

U guys think i would be able to transplant this sucker in a smaller pot??the big one was all i had at the time and i want to save space to grow atleast another 3.

Also my seedlings are doing pretty good under my light but a couple of them are getting dried out and burnt at the ends. I dont want to put them to far away from the light cause there already starting to strech. With one of my seedlings i cut off the parts of the leaf that were dried up good idea or !!!

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Going down is tough if you started them in a pot that big. The roots kind of grow to their space. Maybe one of the other guys can recommend something.

Are you using mh bulb or hps?

I would not move down pot size…I transplanted my first plant a few times, but always went up in size If you do, I would not wait much longer; its roots will spread out in the big post, and then you will disturb them into a smaller one… I do not see your logic to cut your plants leaf. You will have to add humidity and raise the light up so it doesn’t get burned.

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