Am I doing good with my babies

Do you think I should do anything with my babies

Looks pretty good. What did you have in mind?

I’d say wait until they are ready to harvest then chop them down and send them my way


Sing a little Alice In Chains (unplugged version) to them and keep doing whatever you’re doing because they look great

I just wanted to hear you karaoke som AoC, so I was making a request

Let’s start with Nutshell :chestnut:

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Trimming do I need to do more or just let them go. I put into ground the beginning of may so I think will be ready to harvest in October.

My 4th try maybe I got it now. Will save a lot of money from my Medical Dispensary


After nutshell let’s get some wake up off the mad season album

They look really happy and healthy stay the course and keep your eyes out for mold and pests …you got this …you are in the home stretch

Just sang nutshell on Smule with 3 different strangers
2 sucked cause they decided to sing all the parts and one was sweet cause she knew the rhythm of the song, was in key and only sang her parts
Is that so freaking hard?

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