Am I being impatient?

Mine usually break soil within a few days (2-3). I’ve had some take longer and one took 6 days. Lay off the watering…

Okay, thanks.

Figured I better post an update on how things are going with this impatient first time grower. After signs of life from one of the two original seeds I figured I better start a couple more using jiffy pods so I had enough plants to make the whole process worth it. After getting them setup and doing their thing I was reading through on seed replacement and noticed that I really needed to try and find that dead seed. Nope, no luck, no seed. Fingers crossed I don’t need it. Now it was on to waiting for the jiffy pod seeds to pop. The next morning I figured I would check my one and only seedling. Guess what else popped up over night and in the process of looking for it got move right next to the end of the planter? The second seed. So now I have two seedlings, and three others germinating in jiffy pods. Well crap, that’s a bit much for a first go round. Long story short, some how one of three jiffy pod seeds got lost, is dead, it didn’t sprout. So, I have 4 sweet little ladies.


Looking good freind :+1:
That entire situation sounds like how things typically go for me in life :upside_down_face: :confused: :sweat_smile:

But glad things have sorta worked out, losing one out of 5 isn’t to bad :man_shrugging:

I soak mine 24 hours and put in dirt. Works about every time.