Am I being impatient?

Dropped in water Saturday at noon, almost on the nose. So that’s around 80 hours and here is where the seeds are sitting. Been in a completely dark room temperature kitchen cupboard. Am I just hoping for to much to soon?

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Couple drops peroxide. Try that and stickem back in.

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Roll them up in that wet paper towel and stick it in a zip lock baggy and place it on a cable box or wifi router or something that is slightly warm but still in dark even if you just wrap the baggy in a towel or something to keep light out.
That should make them little tails shoot out of there. Check them every 12hrs or so and soon as the tall is half inch or longer plant them in whatever their going in…


They are all ready popped open I wouldn’t leave them in glass fully submerged any longer…
Keep them warm and moist and in dark.
Method above or put it straight into soil is perfectly OK also at this point.


I germ in a cup of water that sits on top of my bedside salt lamp. Its not dark, but it’s warm. Want the temp they germ in to be at least 75 degrees. Water gets cold even in room temps.

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I lost so many beans with cup method. I put mine straight in rockwool or jiffy pod and on a digital controlled heat mat in a germination dome now.
Very small investment for such ease and peice of mind.


I’ll go ahead and plant one and the second I’ll go with the paper towel and ziplock. First grow, so still learning. I’ll probably go with the jiffy pod next to round. Use those every year for garden veggies and seem to have great luck that way.

The one planted, how long before I should see signs of life?


Can pop out soil over night can be a few days sometimes. I’m guessing it will be a few days 3-5 :man_shrugging: just a guess really.
Sometimes it be a week and I’d about give up and bang, it pop up and take off.


I agree with @1HappyPappy - after that seed splits open it’s time to come out of being submerged - which I never do personally - and into a paper towel and someplace warm-ish.
Plants roots need oxygen too!

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I am sorry @whtdrgn . I did not notice the tap had shown. Old eyes I guess. I agree…out of water time. I have hadem take a few days to show in water…

Oh man, the way younput that made it all sound sooo easy…damnit now I gotta get one.

Dropped seeds in water at the exact same time as you did check my journal if you don’t believe me. 24hrs later they were on the bottom of the cup not open. Threw them straight into the dirt. Expecting sprouts any second now you can see them popping up. This is the best way to germinate seeds. This fad with needing to see a taproot before planting needs to die.

If u want a quicker germination use this method get ur self some make up removel pads just the cotton pads place a cotton pad on a plate and spray it with water put ur seeds on the pad place another pad on top of the seeds and spray with water cover the plate with plastic wrap and put three small holes in the wrap put in a warm dark place within 24-30 hours ur seeds should pop

I started the soak method because of ILGM. They stay in the water for a day or until the crack open. Once they crack, they go in soil (pointy end down), if they don’t, I place them in a wet paper towel in a plastic bag in the dark. Once they crack, into the soil they go.

It usually only takes a few days…

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It really is that easy. Idk why this isn’t what everyone does.
I honestly feel like $50 worth of propagation tools should be considered top priority now that it’s common place for seeds to be upwards of $10 a pop. To me a propagation kit was a no-brainer, got to get digital controlled heat mat though and the environment stays absolutely perfect around the clock :grin:


This is what I use with a typical propagation dome fits right on top of it.


48 hours later and I think we have life at least from one of the two seeds. Lessons learned going forward it will be something I know jiffy pods. Still seems a bit slow but right now I’ll take anything I can get.

How warm was the water? I know my tap water is cold. Warm water helped mine open.

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Warm water, not cold. One has popped, starting a couple more to see how they go in a hope to have a couple going at the same time since I have the room.

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Hello. Using the water drop method, how long should it be before the seed breaks out of the soil. Big success with sprout in the water but I’ve had one in soil for 5 days, hasn’t broke to the light yet. Planted in jiffy pot (Fox Farms), 1/2" down, just covered with soil, didn’t press. Use spritzer morning and evening to soak soil (~10 pumps). Temp is 80*, keep water bottle at same temp. Thanks in advance.