Am I almost there?

Getting there… any suggestions on how much longer?


Hard to say without seeing a pic of the trichomes but from the looks ide say 2-3weeks ish maybe more really depends on how you like your smoke for the percentage of amber your looking for when your able to see trichs using a jewelers loupe you can harvest exactly when you want to have the smoke you love. With out a loupe your kind of in the dark on where your trichs are at


I do have a loupe and I’ve been checking the trichs out. They look cloudy and I can see a few amber ones on the sugar leaves on certain buds… Lol some of the branches are drooping because the buds are weighing em’ down …there’s a decent amount of buds with 75% + brown pistils. I’d like a hybrid effect, not a total couchlock but not a complete head high. It’s hard to get pics of the trichs through the loop

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Your gettin real close just check out a couple different bud sites a day they can change quick or slower sometimes

wait until the seed pods are growing out its those balls grwing all different directions. See on youtube, when to harvest

Hmm, gotcha. Thanks will do

They are called calaxys.

Yo have to see this

When I harvest (outdoor), what do I do with the buds at the bottom that are not as developed? Leave them on the plant?

You can selectively harvest if you need you can take the terminal buds or colas and leave the rest to ripen up some more they may never get as dense but they will finish ripening, really depends on drying situation outdoor ide guess you have some large plants a lot harder to dry as a whole plant anyway so selective harvest is usually all good, I’m indoor and grow smaller plants and due to my drying conditions I like to cut and hang the whole plant it let’s me hit my 7-9 day dry time sometimes I have to do different in order to get those longer dry times. So for me I would only selectively harvest if my drying conditions are perfect and I can break it down into single buds or branches and just harvest as they ripen

Chop it all and put the little larfy buds in with your trim and run it through bubble bags.

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Yeah that’s what I do but outdoor I might selectively harvest because space isn’t an issue but indoor plants needa go in and come out/ plus that hash from your larf and trim is gonna be some fire haha

Great advice. Thank you. Another question: how do you keep the trim from getting moldy? Had some good trim from an earlier branch I harvested… put it in a glass jar and sealed it up. I even burped the jar for the first few days and it was moldy in a week.

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Yeah if your gonna jar anything it needs to be dry what I do with my trim and larfy buds is bag them up and they go straight in the freezer whether it’s wet or dry and then I turn it into hash, butter, or coconut oil when I get to it. Do you wet trim or dry trim?

Nice, I’ll try that out. Honestly this is my first grow and I only have one really big plant. I got lucky with a seed and I’ve been just growing it outdoors with a nothing but fresh water. It gets a good breeze daily and natural sun… it looks great. It’s covered w/ trichs and it’s getting a purple hue to it. But I really don’t know shit about growing Lol.

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Haha well growing is great I enjoy it it can be addictive well the growing part is any way haha when I harvest I cut all the non sugar leafs (fan leafs) off and discard I’ve heard some save them and use them in shakes but I have no use of them so they get thrown away and then I freeze my sugar leaf

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