Am I about to ruin my 1st harvest?


Not sure what to do about the humidity and grove bags?

I harvested and then dried my buds in a wedryer xl for 12 days. Stem snapped cleanly and moisture meter between 10 - 12. Lot of small buds got dryer

I put it in my grove bags (1 oz bags) along with a small humidity and temp meter.

The humidity now displays 67 in each of the bags. Actually went up from when in the wedryer.

The only place i can dry is in our spare bedroom. Humidity in lower south coastal US is always a problem. I bought a dehumidifier for that room and it now shows 62%.

Will the humidity drop at some point in the grove bags. 67 down to 62?

Any advise is appropriated.


Look up sweating. i just open bag for an hour or two and close it wait 24 hours and reevaluate humidity you want 58 to 62


I cure in jars and do what @Gronasbros suggests. I just leave the jar open an extra half-hour (or so) a day until the humidity drops to ~60%. I am curing a harvest right now and have had to do that.


So how full are the bags?
If they are not stuffed full like packed in, then it should be fine and eventually drop.
However, you can absolutely “burp” the bags just like you would a jar if you wanted to, too speed it up a little bit.
Leaving it alone and letting it do it’s thing on its own will take longer to cure, but slow cureing tends to produce better results so it’s up to you really.

Its ok if theres not a full oz in the bag or more then an oz even, as long as there is 20-25% empty space for air in the bags it should be fine…

If it was me, i would probably burp them or dump them out for an hour or so and then refill them till it dropped just a little bit.

But to answer your question "am i about to ruin my 1st harvest " thats a hard no!
I do not believe this will do anything but add a week or so to cureing time… :grin:


At 67 the bags can probably do their thing. But I just follow the same guide as jarring…



I’ve found that those little digital hygrometers are sometimes very inaccurate. It took me a few years to get better at drying and curing, and ditching those things was the best move I ever made.
If you’re getting a reading of around 12% with a moisture meter, I’d trust that info more than what the hygrometers say. Here’s a pic of how far off some of them are. I had these ones in the pic on my kitchen table for several days, and they never came close to being in sync with each other.


Exactly how I handled my first… trying to micro adjust by opening the bag. On the second I was around 67% and just went ahead and heat sealed the bags…buds came out excellent. If fact, I am no longer putting humidity meters in the bags


Just open bags. The wedryer will jump everytime. No worries.

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Guys. Thanks for the responses and guidance


You are certainly welcome!

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It’s what we’re here for.

Happy growing.

Your welcome…happy curing!

Anytime. We will want a smoke update :grin: