Am I a proud mommy of a girl or boy?

If you look closely you can see 2 hairs… Or am I just seeing things?? The next one I believe is male…
They are 48 days old. I know it’s still early but I wanna know what I’m having lol


Sorry, it’s still too early to tell.


How about an overall look at the plant in more natural light?

@Aolelon why is this gonna be deleted??
@Myfriendis410 yes I will have full body pics in little while. I just don’t want to waste my time is all lol

Aoleon’s post is what is being deleted, not your thread. You have quite some time before you start seeing the sex of you plant. From my experience, most plants won’t show their sex until the flowering stage. That is why I suggest using feminized seeds or clones so you don’t waste your time growing a male.

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I started getting preflowering at around the 5 week mark, after sprouting, I believe. Trying to tell at this stage. Is like looking at a 3, maybe 4 month old sonogram, and trying to determine the sex. The fetus, just hasn’t developed enough to tell the sex of the baby. Same applies to the plant. Except you see all the growth, and have to wait for the preflowering to start. I think this is correct. Someone correct. If I’m wrong about this!

Your plants seem to be showing preflowers. I’d say you have a female b/c those are pistils. I could be wrong.

Many strains will show female preflowers during vegging starting around 4-6 weeks of age, & you’re past that. :grinning: Male preflowers will show up a couple weeks earlier.

You can actually sex at q very young age if you have a good eye and a good zoom lens. Someone who knows what to look for, would be able to tell u. The top one is female I’m about 90% sure, as for the one on bottom I cant really tell yet

Actually, they can see the sex on a sonogram at 12-16 weeks lol.

I agree, I think they are girls.

With both my kids it was 5 months so, ok :face_with_raised_eyebrow: