Am I a male or female

Long story short after about two weeks of growth my buddy put this plant into flower mode He then gave it to me and I put it back in veg I stuck it outside and it’s growing really thick and I can’t tell if it’s a male or a female any advice thank you. I’m not sure why he put it into flour after only about two weeks of growth.

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The plant is really beat up I just threw it outside and let it go but if it’s a female I’m gonna start to take care of it it’s not very tall.

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All female. Just gonna look weird for a while as it revegges


I don’t see anything that jumps out as male. It looks like it tried to flower and went back into veg

Edit = missed where you said you made it veg lol so I’m right in a wrong way :sweat_smile:

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Ok thank you. So I’m in week six on my other grow in all my pistols are Amber but the try combs on the buds are still clear to cloudy should I wait until they turn

a little bit Amber before I crop

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Depends on the high you want, if you like a racy high then you want cloudy with maybe a touch of amber (to help avoid paranoia high)

If you want couch lock you want mostly amber and you’d still have a while to go

I personally would wait