Always lights never enough

How close can I set the lights?
The vivosun LED 1000VS Above my plants ? I have done the12-14 " light height but nothing. Now I have the light above 6" above with a fan blowing across plants.

If you can feel heat from the light on the back of your hand when it is help at the canopy level, then it is too close.

Other than that you have to let the plant tell you. Excessive foxtailing and taco (curled up) leaves are good examples of how the plant can tell you.


I am trying everything to get these two to flower so I decided to try close light My hand doesn’t get hot and we will see in a week How they fair and This I haven’t done yet. I am desperate 13/11 full light right above the plants

Looks like a good light with LM301 diodes. The light is 100 watts, so you can probably put it pretty close. I don’t think I’d put it closer than 12".

A lumens phone app can give you a good relative comparison of light intensity at the various heights.

Don’t forget to keep it far enough away that the whole plant is being lit as best is possible.

Autos flower when they want to. Sometimes you can hurry them up by going to 12/12 cycle, but frankly, unless they are getting too big for where they are, you’ll likely get more yield, from just letting them do their own thing. (Again assuming they are actually autos)

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@Newt I looked at the light from above and it is right over the two plants 13/11 is the schedule I run.SO we will see in a few days how they like it. I mean the worse could happen they freak out and die… but I don’t think they will These two are very tough girls.

Good luck!

That’s not going to happen.

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I know these girls are street tough I have abused them badly and they bonce back . Thick stalks and lots of growth