Alternatives to Hydroton in DWC


Looking to start a couple clones in DWC have plants growing in soil and time to experiment with a few plants in hydro but looking for alternatives to using hydroton? Would a course fish tank gravel do the trick?


Perlite or any gravel rock that has no contents as for high volume of calcium in the rocks should work just fine .


Certain types of lava rock.



one thing I’ve noticed about Hydroton is that with its clay coating it tends to to help wick the water up thru the pebbles quite well … may i ask why you would use some thing else ?? I’ve used it for years .quality’s are wicks well can be cleaned in hot vinegar , baked in an oven to sterilize, can be sterilized using strong peroxide solution ,very little loss at cropping .


the mess of the powdery clay lmao I grabbed a bag and aam quite happy with it but also was looking for cost effective alternatives too since it’s always good to have plan b my local hydro shop tends to only ever have 1-2 bags on stock so usualy have to order in