Alternate methods of curing

So I just read this article that is obviously an ad but it got me curious. it was talking about alternate methods of curing That large scale operations are starting to use and I was wondering about them. It mentioned curing using dry ice and a vacuum and also using a vacuum and applying a little bit of heat but not too much to destroy the wanted cannabinoids and terpenes. Is this possible or is this all BS? Here is the article/add if anyone is interested

I was wondering if it might be possible if this was true to get a jar that you can suck the air out of and put it in a very low temp something or other to heat it up

Or submerged in dry ice

here’s a vacuseal jar sucking attachment

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Well I’m definitely going to try it this go around with at least a little bit of the bud in both freezing and warming conditions just to see if it works out. I currently have five LA confidentials that are looking great I just started mainlining two of them today and topped and started low stress training on the others except one