Alrighty.. One chiller, multiple hydroponic systems... how im doing it

ingredients: one free chiller big enough for the total volume of all liquid and then some… :grin:
it is quite large and unsightly so its going to live under the house.
next ingredient the Esky or cooler bin,

this chiller was used at a coral farm, so its full of gunk that’s hard to clean… but as no nutes go near the chiller, its ok… but im pumping vinegar through it to clean and bad smelling stuff came out… so my water is 0 ppms the 200ppms that’s the gunk from the chiller…

all thats happening is the waters getting pumped through the system then back into the cooler.
it works…

it works thats it on for about 20 mins…

the cooler box will live in the gro… wifes study. think of it like a 20 gallon cold battery.

thats it for now other ingredients are in the city… they should be here next week.

hope you all are well :grin:


ok so I realise this is going to be hard to explain but the two black outlets installed are for water out, on goes to a chiller and back into the cooler box… the other pump goes through the lid and splits… im doing two atm… pumps to the rez through the stainless coils then back to the cooler box

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on my 6th time under the house where the chiller goes I remember there was an eastern brown snake under here 2 weeks ago… and I also remembered I haven’t yet checked if the chiller fits… it doesn’t… im going to have to take it off the pallet… anyway the chillers under the house it cools the water and it goes up through the floor into the cooler box…

the chiller and the pump will be set on one thermostat at a temperature with certain on off points, this will be colder then the system desired temp.

then there will be another thermostat in one rez set at the desired temperature of the systems.

ill take more pics when its done… have a good one… :grin:


From what I’ve read about Australia, there’s about 1,000 things under there that can kill you, lol.


ok so this is like the cold battery bank… it plumbs under the house… with standard hose connections… always try to do this if you can with your plumbing it was some advice I got from a mate in aquariums… makes everything so easy, quick change and I can tak the esky out in winter…:grin:

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ok, so the reason I haven’t done this job when I started it so long ago is I really was worried it wouldn’t fit… and I wound need to get a shovel… and an absolute,:rage:, I wish I could swear, job … could have got a whole lot worse… end of the day, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been and its further then I thought I was going to get it, made it all the way…:grin:… I got so many bindi’s (thorns on the ground) in my ass, and back and arms…but … I don’t think I need to go down there again… :sweat_smile::grin:


ok those two hoses simply go to the chiller and back to the cooler box… Important… I brought up the power chord for the chiller… well my wife did while I was lying in the bindi’s…:grin:

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ok this is a thermostat… temperature controller… this controles the small aquarium pumpu in the cooler box and the chiller.

I set that at 16’C with a 2’C differential, I think this means it cools to 16’C and then turns off then when it reaches 18’C it turns on again… well that’s what it seams atm… :grin:… but working… perfectly…:grin:.,. no leaks… I should buy a lotto ticket…

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so the other bigger pump in the cooler box

can be pluged into another themostat, be on a timer, or be on all the time… im not sure how im going to do it yet all would work… im just trying to think of whats best… if anyone has any ideas… any way then it pumps through the coils at the top that can be in as many as i like… because the themostat is controlling the temp in the cooler… :grinning:

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so my misses reminded me we have a blackout tomorrow, so I thought id chill the flower system… so far so good…:grin:


Fantastic work @kettle! I’ve never seen anyone risk their life to chill their water system before but you sir are a beast!!!

I was waiting to see some nasty looking snake in one of those pics!

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Also I use a similar controller for my fans and your spot on with it. 1st is set point then the difference of value for that point til it turns on.

(X)+/- Y = power


thanks man… its not as bad as it seams, snakes can hear you from a mile away… unless they are asleep and they are more surprised to see a full sized human under a dusty house and they scoot… its more in the sun, and I have an issue of being addicted to podcasts so I have headphones on all the time…:grin:

its so nice when you put something together and it just works… im thinking of chilling just the flower totes atm, but who knows where I end up I have enough coils for 4…

i think ill just have the coil pump on a timer… just easier. but its perfect. the chiller is only working for a period of a time then stops… repeat… really happy…:grin:


Pretty fucking amazing with what you did, seriously inspiring to all those who grow on a budget!

You got me thinking about maybe using a mini fridge and same coil system to outfit my systems


oh yeah, i didn’t think aboout that until u said that,i did do it really cheap, the coils were $40AUD each and say $100 on plumbing bits and pieces, i spend a lot here always… the cooler box i had to steal back from a mate, and ill probably spend $50 on another pump… and the temperature controller was $55 AUD each steal!

so $300 AUD id say for up to 4… :grinning:

but i also wanted it to be better… and instead of having 2 or 3 chillers in my wife’s study :grin::wink:, for me this is… just an esky that im sure ill find an extra use for…:smiley:

give the fridge thing a go, i would, and then just a small aquarium pump here and there…:grinning:

thanks btw…:grin:


so I made the coils for the veg totes out of 1/2 inch copper. my advice is buy the ones from china… these are 2-3 metres long the ones from china are 8 metres (24 ft) they are stainless and they ended up costing about the same in the end… and bending them into coils isn’t as easy as you would think… u have to fill them with water hammer the ends shut to not crimp the pipe… anyway i hope this helps… someone…one day… :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grin:

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