Alright what about this

so I want to basically force Hermanphrodite one of my white widow plants, im keeping it very far away from the other I want to grow sensemilla… what would be a safe way to stress my weed plant without !@#$ing it up too much, just so that it produces feminized seeds so that I can continue planting. I know they say don’t bother reproducing hermaphrodites or feminized seeds but still, I have a lot of seeds and can spare a plant without any setbacks???

by continue planting I meant to say just continue producing seeds, not actually planting

Mess with the light schedule

actually theres something called colloidal silver u spray on the flowers n plant for about 2 weeks at the very start of the flowering period when it first starts producing female flowers… this spray apparently garutees basically if u use it right, idk how much that garuntee is worth ut I read a lot of good stuff about it in the past few hours

Colloidal silver works and u can hermie one branch or a whole plant. I hope when u say far away U mean FAR away and u shower and change clothes before going near your girls. They pollinate so easily

The best way is colloidal silver or Silver thiosulfate. Start spraying a branch 1-2 weeks or the plant 1-2 weeks before going in to flower. This is the best way to get a plant to go hermie like justgrowin said. You can also hand pollinate just a branch as well if you know how.

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Question man, Tiresias mist? U ever heard of this supposed to work the same… sorry to reply this way it won’t let me reply on the forum right now…
Also what is the difference in results if I do just one part of the plant vs the whole thing… obviously only the part I spray will produce pollen, so does that mean I only get seeds on that part of the plant?
Also I wanted to ask in general is it safe to use the buds of a plant sprayed with that colloidal silver stuff or Tiresias mist

Tiresias mist is colloidal silver… and no I probably wouldn’t smoke buds sprayed with CS, chances are they are going to have pollen sacs on them and if you pollinate them, seeds. Tbh I would just make my own colloidal silver, this stuff is a bit more expensive than you can make your own. I have read it works either way. It’s just an overpriced bottle of CS

I’ve tried growing with those kinds of seeds. Seeds from hermied plants have a higher prevalence of turning hermie, themselves.

You can clone your ww with much greater success.

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That’s not entirely true. All femenized seeds come from a hermie plant somewhere down the line
Bad genetics plays a major role in a plant going hermie. If it’s not a stable plant then you will have problems. But the only way to get feminized seeds is by taking a female plant, or 2 female plants of the same strain, and making one throw pollen sacs, and then pollinating it back to itself, or the other female.

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No, not necessarily. Feminized seeds are created in a number of ways. Anymore, quality seed companies use acidity in the soil to produce feminized seeds, or colloidal silver. Science moves fast!

And most definitely hermied genetics get passed along.

Please post a link because all s1 seeds are used with the method I just described. Also how does acidity in the soil produce feminized seess. Feminized seeds need both parents to have XX chromosomes

“The main method used to create feminized seeds is to take a known female cannabisplant and force her to grow male pollen sacs and produce pollen. You can then take this all-female pollen and use it to fertilize other females. … Some female plants will also show male characteristics as a result of heat and light stress.” Like I said, as long as the plant has strong genetics, it will be no more likely to go hermie than any other seed. If that was the case, you would see femenized seeds going hermie all the time, and there would be no market in feminized seeds. Colloidal silver, silver thiosulfate, giberellic acid are the most common methods to achieve this. If you have links to any information stating otherwise I would love to read it. But everything I’ve read and seen seems to confirm what I’ve said.

I have bag seeds from dispensary bags. First go, a Lil Sebastian, is female and about to get flipped to 12/12 soon. So far so good.

I would assume that in a commercial grow, they’d be using clones. Therefore, the most likely way for there to be seeds is for there to have been hermaphrodites, right? Just like @Aolelon is saying, the plant my seeds came from was probably stressed in some way. Maybe a fan died. Maybe a timer quit. Maybe it was someone with heavy hands. Regardless, my question is this: are the seeds I have basically feminized? Or just regular seeds, like Forrest’s box of chocolates?

Well you can get seeds in two ways. A Male pollinating a female, either with the same strain or a different strain. If using a different strain the seeds will usually take characteristics for both plants. That’s how you get the strains like ak whatever x whatever. This is called F1 breeding, taking the offspring of these plants and breeding them again will create F2 strains. Strengthening the genetics of the plant. The next way would be to take a female plant, have it throw pollin sacs, and breed it with itself, or another female, that’s how you get feminized seeds, this is known as S1 breeding.
And yea in commercial grows it is much easier to take clones of a plant they want as the clones will keep everything about the mother genetic wise, and age, making it grow a bit quicker, making less veg time. I cant say if the seeds you have are femenized. Its a possibility for sure.

I’m familiar with the typical way seeds are made/strains are bred. Reading this:

…and especially the part about Rodelization. “This process involves the natural response of the females when they are under stress. When feeling stress or are reaching the end of their lives after not having been fertilized, females will actually start to grow pollen sacs without any male fertilization…Because the resulting seeds come from exclusively female genetics, the likelihood of them being female seeds is much higher than usual.”

I’m calling that good news for me lol


That’s pretty much the same. You can use any number of methods but the end result is the same. Females producing pollen sacs to pollinate their self or another plant.

Not really some female plants can produce a few seeds without being hermi ed or cross pollinated I know they say those will Def be female seeds

Those stressed plants are not bred to themselves, however. The pollen from one hermied plant is used to fertilize a seperate, non-hermied plant.

How? I don’t think I’ve heard of that. Wouldn’t it have to be pollinated in some way?