Alright. Second grow. Now to choose a medium

Alright, so here we are. Grow number 2. Grow number one turned out fantastic I. Quality for the stuff I had. But now I’ve got better lights, more knowledge, and bonified genetics. My previous grow I used fox farms ocean forest soil, which worked great but I had a really hard time controlling nute burn in the beginning. Looking at fox farms other products, I was really considering pulling the trigger on their cultivation nation 70/30 coco perlite mix. The only issue is, I’ve never grown in coco and am not sure if that’s the road I should be taking.anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile: much love.

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I use FF Happy Frog so I can water it every 3 days and otherwise leave the grow alone to do it’s thing. Coco requires more attention.


That’s a great mix.

Coco requires more frequent watering and that means more cleaning up run off…
Unless you automate your system.

The easiest way is to go get some autopot’s (fabric spring pots is what I recommend they grow much better than the plastic, oh and you don’t need the air system)

It’s a gravity feed water system with no run off. You just top water for the first two weeks and then turn the tap on and the plants suck up water from the bottom. It’s soooo amazing once you get them you’ll have so much more time to focus on gardening and not dealing with watering and run off etc.

They are a pretty cheap investment and last forever, alot of people are on them now.


What’s a 9 pot system run?

Check their website or your local distributor.
Idk anymore i boughr a 4 set and then upgraded everything by adding bigger tanks, more tanks, more trays etc etc.

I’m in Canada to so if your in the UK you get the best price but if your in the USA you probably get a different price.

@GulfCoastGurilla I would suggest thinking about how many plants and how often you want to fill your reservoir (once a week is ideal but I made. Mine once evey 2 weeks because of my work). I find a 25 gallon tank does 3 plants well but will do 4 plants for about a week if they are not massive.

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How bout say 9 how many gallons tank will I need for a week

Well it goes from 25 gallons to 60 gallon so I would probably get a 25 gallon setup (spend the extra money and get a pro tank you will thank yourself later as non pro tanks are a hassle to move/clean because the legs fall out, wish I knew this before) 625$ for a 9 spring pot system.

never have to deal with run off again, huge labour savior.
check your ph in your tank once a week and you’ll never have ph issues.
Mix once a week and be done.
Flushing, you just run straight water though the system for 48hr.
You will grow bigger plants (most likey unless your a pro and prefer top watering coco)

Run something like Jack’s nutrients and you can run near the same mix from start to finish, will need to boost it a bit in flower but nothing drastic.

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