Alright, I just had a phenomenal lil bumpy ride but otherwise phenomenal experience with ilgm! :D

The seeds came fast asf my mailman did freak me out which resulted me in creating a ticket (literally no fault on ilgm more a old guy still working at usps). Alright so get this I live in nevada and I ordered from ilgm. Everything was going smooth fast ship date, and delivery speed. Travels from cali all the way to my city in nevada, and on expected delivery which was today my package like quantum leaped all the way to san diego and said it was tendered to military agent, you already guess whats going in my mind but im over here thinking like, but its literally legal to order seeds to nevada and how does a package even small quantum leap that fast, so I file a ticket and recieve some of the most fast phenomenal care possible from ilgm and while i was on the phone with usps (the lady was even like woah thats weird, and i was like right they mastered quantum teleportation and we laughed), and while i was on the phone then here comes a scan with another quantum leap to my city in nevada and right in my mailbox. Turns out the mailman fat fingered the wrong input and thats what caused it to get that scan. I am like, I dont even live at a military facility…and military anything I was, hell, they think im some type of 9/11 guy…Anyways I wanted to give a shout out to the support team, peace and love ! <3


Glad everything worked out okay!:sunglasses: welcome to the community!


Just be patient and don’t freak out

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