Already signs of flowering

A question of a fellow grower:

Now I’m using a full spectrum led 1500w (equivalent to 600hps apparently) with iv and UV diodes\chips 10w chips.

It says it’s good for veg and flower but I think it’s more for flower.

So my first start was bad timing. We had a heat wave and it stressed the seedlings like crazy.

5 survived 2 of them just barely and are majorly stunted (keeping them as an experiment).

The other 3 were good but one of them , only 3 nodes tall, doesn’t even have it’s mature least structure but has bolted and is also showing signs of flowering, either male or transgender

So here’s my question.

Is it flowering because of the led lights (still on a 22 hour on schedule)

Because of the stress (I’ve stressed plants into being transgender for seeds before)

Because of both and because that one seed is an auto flowering strain (cheese diesel )??

How old are the plants?

No idea. But if on 22 hr lighting (double check ur timers) then its most likely just the auto flipping whenever they want (notorious for it)

Join us and post a photo or two. Good luck