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Happy Friday everyone!
1st time grower here🙂
So i have FF Oceanforest and have been reading articles saying it may be too Hot to start with. My local store has Perilite and was wondering should i cut my soil with it, or will F.F. do fine alone?

I wouldn’t recommend OF for a beginner, but you can get through it with proper attention.

Many growers add perlite to their soil to help with aeration. I use Happy Frog and cut it with perlite (about 10 - 20% by volume.)

The mistakes we often see newer grows make is improper watering practices and failing to monitor runoff pH and PPM. Be sure to let your soil dry out between waterings. Also, seedlings need very little water.

I’m sure others will come across your thread here and make additional suggestions for you. Everyone likes to keep it light, helpful, friendly, and respectful around here. You are in the right place.

Happy growing.


I use FFOF cut with FF Happy Frog like 60/40 with more happy frog on top, more ocean forest on the bottom. With about 10-20% percent perlite added. Perlite helps the drainage and keep from your soil getting to compact.


Okay found a local store with Frog, will grab some and take the mixing advice, thanks✌️

Just get some basic seedling soil to plant seed in then transplant into the OF when ready. And DO GET THE PH AND TDS METER AND LEARN HOW TO USE!!!


I didn’t mention it earlier, but dropping autos. Everything I’ve been reading indicates that i should pop, and drop the ladies in their forever home. Do you agree?

Thats what I’ve read here as well. Never did autos.

Hi there. you will find here that everyone
has their own unique way of growing. But, it all starts with this great community.
Have fun. Oh yeah, I have always just put seeds in the forever fab pots. So far so good…

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