Already planning my second grow


Hahahaha that’s funny and what I do as well keep it simple :+1: @Patsbasement


Those ww are looking fantastic @Patsbasement and the trouble makers are looking great also…they do good on the same feed schedule and amount at least with what I give them…very nice job!


yep! They are great looking girls!



yeah older dehumidifiers seem to like temps in the 70’s or above to work their magic best. I have one that was here when I bought the place. I’ve used it a handful of times in the 6 summers I’ve been here. It doesn’t do enough to warrant running it. light the wood stove instead. ha ha ha


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So a lot happened today… first, we ran out of weed from my first harvest in June (did we really smoke 6 oz?, we sold/ gifted 4-5 oz too .) I harvested the 3 WW from the tent , trimmed and hung that this am, boy that’s a lot of work! Moved the trouble makers into the tent from the porch. And dropped 4 strawberry Kush beans in water for my next grow, that’ll be grow 4…I think I am nearing my goal of perpetual harvesting, thanks to you guys!!
Question: the trouble makers started flowering 3-4 weeks ago outside and don’t have a lot of buds…
Can I still scrog it now or top it somehow for more buds?


@Willd you will see as per your suggestion I have covered the insulation with plastic !!


Not really @Patsbasement during the first two weeks of flowering the stems harden off and they really can’t be bent any longer. Same with topping or fimming, since the plants have switched to flowering they aren’t really putting out new tops any longer!

Congrats on the harvest and the furtherance of perpetual growing! Bravo!


That’s kinda what I thought… o well it was a nice gift so I get what I get.
Drove by holy cross football game today you ever tempted to watch? Lotsa spectators at women’s lacrosse… belicheks daughter is coach and he sometimes goes to games.


My son went to Worcester State. Used to go watch some of those games. Funny I have been to the Holy Cross Campus, but never been to a game there! Didn’t know his daughter coached the girls Lacrosse. Interesting! @Patsbasement

And yes on the clones. The have a great pedigree! hahaha


@Patsbasement if you treat them right which I know you will…they will grow big buds their mothers did so I don’t see why they won’t :grin: looking great :+1::+1: and looks like you got a nice harvest off those ww congrats!


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Question regarding humidity in an indoor grow: with the trouble makers in flower the rh is 36- 42 percent… great for drying herb but how low is too low for these plants? Should I rev up the humidifier in the tent?


@Patsbasement I try to keep my tent around 50-55% when in flower
But I think you’ll be ok as long as it doesn’t drop any more
I would run humidifier outside the tent and allow the moist air to be pulled in also
You can turn humidifier on idbit was me id leave it off
You can mist the tent with water if you want to raise humidity a little bit also
Good luck happy growing :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


I agree with @Countryboyjvd1971 my flower room is at 48% and temp is 68° with lights out right now…veg is reading 47% temp 67° lights on at 7am probably as low as its ever been the air is dry today…dehumidifier in veg isn’t running I’ll assume same in flower…I like it higher in veg…flower around 50% country gave you some good advice :+1:


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Another great day… jarred up 14 ozs in nine jars and processed 3 ozs of grade b for my first try at making hash 4 ozs of leaves for butter… Did I say that my girlfriend is a great baker and makes great cookies, have one every morning before work and it is wonderful…
and one of my new ( grow number four) strawberry Kush just broke soil today!


@Patsbasement that’s freaking awesome brother
My wife is a great cook as well lol isn’t it wonderful lol
Woohoo on grow #4 as well
I have a B.B. two weeks old and a few gold leaf 4 going and a ww a that’s going to be ready in a few weeks as well
I love growing my own meds it’s great going to grow room a trying to decide what strain I want to smoke lol
My Gorilla Glue outside and ssh should be ready in another 2-3 weeks as well I hope hahahaha
Happy growing :+1: CB
Ps tag me into the new grow thread when you start it :+1:


That’s really great news @Patsbasement

I love this sport…


Thats worthy of at least four LIKES @Patsbasement

Sadly, I can only like it once, but here are some spares! :heart::heart::heart::heart:


No way to 1-up that line!


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Hey fellow growers
Question about yields from hash… I bought a shaker and a press and processed 1.5 ounces of grade band got 10 grams of good stuff… then I process 1 ounces of grade a and get only 2.5 grams…what can I do to improve yields?


Also is the shake left over from the making of hash have any value??