Already planning my second grow


Thanks for all the help with the dispensary info the ones that I am really mad at is our take-a-raise, do nothing legislature they’ve had 4 years to get a dispensary open one in each county and you see the piddly results
I will pass on your info to our friend


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Ok master gardeners it’s time to transfer my 3 WW to the tent after a month as seedlings on the porch
They really stretched how much of the stem can I bury when I repot them? I think I remember some one saying you can bury them up to the first set of leaves…true?


Also I am going to the grow store today should I stay with the Roots organic original or go to fox farm?
The guys at the store just threw the roots on the wagon and that’s what I used for my first grow


That sounds right to first set of leaves. I am very happy with ffof it has treated the plants nicely. No experience with the other one.


Roots all the way!

Mainly Roots grow…

I use FF on my tomatoes, but too harsh for my MMJ :heart:


Will do. I’m hoping to get her chopped down on my vacation (this Sunday to next sunday woooo!) I still haven’t seen one amber tricomb under my Jewelers loupe yet :/. Switched the light to 14/10 from 18/6 today


I believe you can, yes.



Lookin good Pat


Hey pal any chance you wanna sell 5 of those bba s?
I gonna be in nw Maine next week


Hey @Patsbasement I just saw this, unfortunately I am going to be in NY next week and part of the following week.

I don’t believe we can legally sell/resell seeds or actual marijuana in Maine. My friend has been donating stuff to me and then I cover his travel expenses or if appropriate, provide a finders fee so it’s a win-win. :wink: :wink:


@Screwauger where in NY bro ? Out of curiosity
I’m upstate about 90 min north of the New York city and same south of Albany


I go right by you on the thruway headed for Watertown NY where I grew up. My sister and friends live all over Northern NY, as we call it. Half the first week we are staying at a camp on the St Lawrence river near Cape Vincent.


Small world I was born like an hour north of watertown in like the postdamn Massena area


Just saw this reply brother I’m on the east side of the Hudson closer to Poughkeepsie NY if your familiar
My we could hook up when your down this way one time brother that would be cool @Screwauger o don’t mind driving a little bit either :+1:


Just an update on my second grow… 3 WW just switched to 12/12 and they are exploding!! Gave them a big drink of straight 6.5 water when I got home from vacation,they were very thirsty. Scrogged em three days ago and gave them a half strength feeding of FF growbig with lotsa water today. So many bud sites coming up from the middle. LST and scrogging do work to add to the harvest!!
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A pic of camp and our veiw


Looking great!


@Screwauger @Smokin_ernie
The Dead River is just beyond the low ridge at the top of the lake! I just went downstairs before lights out to empty the Dh and just had to sit and watch the plants grow !


What a beautiful spot in a downright gorgeous area.

The grow is cooking right along @Patsbasement

Nice work!!



They are indeed exploding out. Now are these white widows from seed or from clone?