Already planning my second grow



these are two plants from my first row that I tried to ignore but they wouldn’t die. They spent a month in the corner of my basement. Then I repotted them and put them on the porch in April, and ignore them


You’ll want to ensure none of that exposed pink insulation gets on your stash. You and Mrs. Patsbasement don’t want to inhale fiberglass.


Yes Mr @Willd that thought had occurred to me but no signs of contamination I will put a plastic barrier over it next chance I get
Thanks for the concern


Hey if they need a home I have an outdoor gorilla grow going :wink: I’ll gladly take em off ur hands n add em to my garden lol


@patsbasement …Yes that is exactly what I said during my first grow when it was ready to cut it down. The second grow seemed to go a lot faster…guess I knew what I was doing! But yeah it took me 2 hours the first time. Now that you know what to do you’ll find that the next time it will be a lot easier and less time!


They will not be ingnored @Patsbasement lmao
They look good :blush:


@Patsbasement How are you making out there? Haven’t heard from you in a bit!


@bob31 @Sl1 @Screwauger @Willd @Kapelady @Tonyb @bonnie1 @Smokin_ernie
Hello fellow growers. Just back from Pierce pond in NW Maine great place for R and R adult time good food. My girls for my second grow are just passed the seedlings stage on the porch and ready to be transplanted into the tent. They survived the hail damage except for the runt, which sadly fell over and died… so I will have 3 WW in the 4x4 tent this time instead of 6,which was too much
On a good note, my girlfriend gifted 2 ozs from the first grow to co worker with a spouse that has cancer and he got great relief. He had always wanted to try mj, but never knew where to get it…
New pics after they are transplanted into the tent…


@Patsbasement thanks for the update! Your friend if they are in MA they can get mmj!


Nice place that pierce pond. How was the fishing?


Hey, what’s up…congrats on your first grow, did you have autos? Lookin good, happy growing :grimacing::seedling::seedling:


How much did u end up getting from the first grow?


@bob31 can’t get medical mj out here in the sticks of Worcester county, our retarded government has only 4 dispensary s after 4 years only in bean town and the cape…
@Smokin_ernie fishing was very slow but there were quite a few boats out there I go to our camp mainly for the r and r…
@Tonyb I got 8 ozs of grade A plus 3 ozs of grade B (pop corn buds) that the Mrs likes from 6 WW in a very full tent…


Some how when I moved to mass i picked a town with a dispensary one town over lol. Go seakonk! But very nice. Not bad for first grow n an overcrowded grow. I’m hoping my first grow will give me 2 zips of wonderful northern lights. The buds are turning purple on me <3


@Tonyb let me know how you like the northern lights or any other ilgm strain. I am planning my third grow already and want to try something different maybe the fruity mix…


this is one of the buds off my NLA. It’s in a 1 sqft area in dwc. Theres some light burn from me trying to grow it for too long in a smaller area, but as u can see the buds have purple parts (which is my favorite color for buds) the buds are super dense. I’m thinking I should get close to 2 zips dry. It should finish right around 75-80 days I’m thinking too. Maybe a lil longer if I wanna let it go to try n get some of those popcorn buds to get even better. If it ends up smoking half as good as it looks it’s gunna be great bud.
You should try n auto grow. I bet in ur 4x4 you could fit like 6+ autos.


Friggen beautiful bud, man! I want one today! Well, enjoy it and let me know how the yield comes out.


@Patsbasement I live NW of Boston and there are 7 dispensaries within 20 miles of me. They open new ones every month. Do they also live in Worcester County? Give me the name of a town near where they live so I can see where the closest dispensary is.

Or here is the list of current and pending dispensaries.

I think it is great that you gifted that to him but I think it;s a crime that they don’t have access. They can name a third person as a caregiver and the caregiver can go to the dispensary for the person. Just a thought, brother. makes me sad to hear there are people suffering and the meds are available. maybe not 5 minutes away, but available.


Northampton has the one