Already planning my second grow


@Bogleg have not scrog em yet, waiting for a little more growth more pics next week


@Patsbasement I’m a life member of the NRA and I applaud you and the great lessons you are giving your daughter! Well done.


As a former Hunter Education Instructor BRAVO :clap:t2:. I always encouraged people to bring their entire family to take the course whether they hunted or not just for the safety and familiarity with firearms. Thanks for teaching your daughter :slightly_smiling_face:


Just curious if you go to the NRA conventions?


@bob31 @SmoknGranny
No I grew up in nh with guns all the time ( we had a loaded 22 by the back door all summer for the woodchucks, my mother was a good shot and her large garden was precious!) moved to Massachusetts in 1990 and my now ex wife made me sell the guns so we could buy cocaine ( anyone remember the 80s and 90’s?) seemed like a good decision at the time…
@AnneBonny i forgot my changes… I decarbed the weed before simmering


@Bogleg do you fly fish? Where are you? We fish at camp in nw Maine for Brookies and salmon. My sister fishes 90 days year round from Missoula mt on bitterroot catches 3 lb cut throats and shot an elk last month…


Looks like your pic didn’t load @Patsbasement


I do. I am in central MA but my profile pic is from WI. I lived there for many years. Only been in MA for 2.


@Bogleg well belated welcome to Worcester county! That’s a beautiful fish. Carry on!


Thanks - I love it here, but I really missed archery season in the midwest this year. Last year I took two weeks off of work and drove to MN to bow hunt for a week and then shotgun hunt for 9 days. Due to a job change, new house, etc. I wasn’t able to do that this year and the MA season dates are stupid compared to midwestern states. I haven’t had any chance to get out this year (other than the 6 days I took off to gun hunt in MN).


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Well her is an update on the fourth grow…they’re seven weeks into veg and I scrogged em this morning…3 strawberry Kush ,1 purple train wreck and 1 gdp… all are doing well even the runt and the clones.
Update: bagged up grow number three after six weeks of jar curing. Mmmmm, four ozs critical cheese and almost 4 ozs sour diesel… still have three ozs of white widow from grow number 2…
Am I a bad person?? I have been rolling joints(she prefers them, I like a small piece of hash with some weed in a bowl) for my honey with the leftovers after I shake some hash out of it… I haven’t told her and she remarked last night how smooth her smoke was… she must like light smoke, she smokes Newports too which was like sucking air through a straw for me…
Anywho… plants are in scrog and got a good feeding of AN nutes with photosynthesis plus, I will begin tying em down in a couple days.


Oh yes Happy Thanksgiving!!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family @Patsbasement


Happy Thanksgiving @Patsbasement

You kinda sound like you Love Growing Marijuana!! Great haul for sure and your gonna love Strawberry kush. Happy Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving! Glad to see the grow is going well too!


@dbrn32 @Screwauger @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 @SilentHippie @Bogleg
@bob31 @AnneBonny @Willd
Well I have not updated this journal in a while…
Health issues, running to foxwoods every weekend for cruise giveaway, actually been winning recently,
Five plants just switched to flower, in 5 gal fabric pots with ffof and an nutes a and b… the plants are growing fine but have some discoloration going on
I will fill out a ticket and post pictures soon


Out of like already today @Patsbasement Sorry you’re not feeling well. Hopefully you’ll get some time to rest up a bit. This time of year is crazy!


Looking forward to the continued update @Patsbasement


Just checking in to see if you are still looking for some help. Not that I am going to give it - but I know how life gets in the way sometimes. :). Hope all is well @Patsbasement.


@Screwauger @Smokin_ernie @WillyJ @Willd
Other Mainers! New pic from pierce pond
@Screwauger did you sled to NW Somerset cty and check on our camp? Where is your camp? J/w…