Already planning my second grow


Just harvested and drying the four trouble makers…and I lost their name tags in a wind storm
2 of them were 4 inches taller than the other s
Do you know which of the strains would be taller?
Thanks so much for doing what you did…
They look awesome can’t wait to try em out!


hahahaha @Patsbasement


Lol @Patsbasement the sour diesel is usually a little stockier than the critical cheese so the cc may be taller but you will be able to tell by the smell…sd smells of diesel …


You are very welcome @Patsbasement anytime…I can grab a coffee anytime :wink::grinning: @bob31 I replied in your comment sorry :grinning:


Nice job @Patsbasement love hanging buds my friend :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


What do you have going for your next grow @Patsbasement ?


Hey man I been in the basement trimming some bud a friend gave me done and hanging
Found 1 more dead bug while trimming but no other visible damage
I haven’t really said much about my next grow because I made a rookie mistake…
Started 4 ilgm strawberry Kush photos October 1 and fed them with old water in my spray bottle… one runt came up stunted with withered and died. Noticed my spray bottle in the sun on the dr table and it was yellow, plants are light green . Since been transplanted into 5 gal smart pots in ffof under the lights in the tent…
Photo to come but been feeding em alight dose of cal mag and they seem to be responding…
I start all my plants on the first of the month so I can remember!


Nice …strawberry kush…to bad about the one dying…that means you got space for 1 more lol…the others sound like they’ll pull through…lets see those pics…strawberry kush is one I’d like to grow one day… :+1:


@Patsbasement you should keep your spray bottle and any other water your going to use for your plants out of any sunlight unfriendly organisms will grow in the water


Yes I know that… like I said rookie mistake! Be happy to share some strawberry when harvested.
Off to foxwoods!


Sounds good have fun…win or lose it’s fun…just winning is alot more :wink: I think maybe you should grow gdp or ptw in that spare space…


@Myfriendis410 @Willd @Smokin_ernie @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971 @AnneBonny @bob31
Well here is the fourth grow, class of October 2017…
One runt in the front, doing better but fingers crossed
Using ffof and now advanced nutes for the first time
Thanks for stopping by!


They look great! Seems like only yesterday you were harvesting! @Patsbasement


Looking good @Patsbasement
I’ve heard good thing about the advanced Nutrients line
I’ll be looking forward to your review of them as well
I just ordered the Remo line of nutrients to try :+1:


Looking great @Patsbasement…I’m especially fond of those 2 in the back…nice job :grinning:


@Screwauger @Myfriendis410 @WillyJ @Bogleg @AnneBonny @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Smokin_ernie

Well the fourth grow ( when do we stop counting?)is started and almost 60 days along. Fim lst and now scrog next week. Sour diesel and critical cheese have cured a month and smell lovely…smoke is great.
Made pudding for a friend s grandpa with cancer hope they like it.
@Willd went through your old neighborhood on the way to foxwoods ( I won!) ever been to bills bread and breakfast in Putnam? Great food!
@Myfriendis410 I took my 15 year old daughter to
ll bean( I recommend all their schools) basic shotgun school for 25 Bucks each got to fire 10 12 rounds of a berreta 20 gauge … what a blast and extremely safe. But it did accomplish the unintended result of driving my ex wife nuts…I want my daughter very comfortable and experienced with guns , she loves it. .we shoot the 22 at camp every summer and will be going back to beans for the advanced shotgun clay shooting sports…


That was so nice of you @Patsbasement! How did you make the pudding?


Glad to hear from you Pat - got a pic of the girls? I’m 49 days or so in myself, curious to see how your SCROG is looking at 60 days. I just put the screens over my plants this week.


They gave me a recipe but I changed it (I am a chef!)
Just heat four cups of whole milk to scald it, ad six grams ground product and simmer 2 hours strain, cool and make pudding to directions, I used two boxes of jello brand. I will use the crockpot next time our gas stove was too hot but end product was very rich and potent. Made six servings but I advised to give a spoonful at a time…


Great! Thanks for sharing.