Already planning my second grow


I will defer on the critter treatment but follow up that H2o2 dunk with a rinse or, even a two station gentle rinse in clean, room temp water. @Patsbasement

I went all in and did 4 stations. H2o2 and water; Lemon juice, Baking Soda and Water, and two rinse buckets.


I will watch the vid on YouTube but please describe your 4 tub method in more detail when you have time



I basically followed advice I had seen here; advice provided by @Willd and that video by Cervantes. I also read extensively about a guy named Doc Bud’s process. Look for a thread with 130 pages on another site that google will likely offer you.

Bucket 1 Hydrogen Peroxide and room temp water at 3:1 Water to H2o2 (1 gallon peroxide and 3 gal water)

Bucket 2 1/2 cup lemon juice and 1/2 cup baking soda in 4-5 gallons of room temp water

Bucket 3 Plain room temp water or even colder water

Bucket 4 Same as Bucket 3

Hang to dry and use fan oscillating for first day or so to get excess H2o off. According to Doc Bud they are not hurt by light during this initial drying phase with fans.

Then normal drying procedures (I found I may have lengthened the drying time by a day or two).

That’s what I did primarily because I had powdery mildew and had sprayed the flowering plants. Minus the podery mildew or other disease you could omit the H2o2 Bucket as many folks do the other three as standard operating procedure.


@dbrn32 @Bogleg @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ @bob31 @AnneBonny
Could not wait until amazon delivered safer btk and sprayer so I got both locally this am and took all 4 out ( what would I do if I had scrogged em!) and gave em all a good spray of 3 teaspoons to a gallon from on top then I elevated the plants and did it again from underneath… I found 12 caterpillar yesterday and only 1 today after a very close inspection with a flashlight
So let’s hope this is under control I will spray again next watering and inspect daily.
Still planning on @Screwauger four tub method of rinsing at harvest in a couple weeks
Did I miss anything?
Thanks to all for the help, I hope with experience I can help someone else!


@Screwauger I just watched Cervantes rinse video and he only used 1 cup h2o2 for 5 gallons should it really be as strong as you suggested 1 gallons to 3 gallons water?


Great job @Patsbasement sounds like they are under control!


H2O2 is relatively benign so the 3:1 ratio certainly isn’t going hurt anything. I noticed the mildew float off with straight water but I don’t know it is being neutralize without the addition of peroxide


Awesome news @patsbasement Keep doing what you’re doing and your :eyes: on the :bug:


@Willd @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @Smokin_ernie @bob31 @WillyJ @dbrn32
Well here is an update on the catapillar infestation…
Did first btk spray three days ago with straight ph water did close visual observation daily finding several live worms daily
Took em out today and another full spray from above and below finding 2 live and 2 dead worms… so the btk must be working
Plan on 2 more straight waters and then harvest with four tub rinsing…
I think we can salvage this crop
I did find some leaves with black dots and culled a bud also some green poops?
Let’s wait and see!


I’m pulling for you can you post a picture or two for us @Patsbasement


@Countryboyjvd1971 hey congrats on your volunteer designation!!


First one is some damage done
Second maybe green poops…


@Patsbasement ty it’s a honor really
Yeah I see the damage in first pic second I can’t see the poop lol but my eyes are what the used to be lol
Sounds like your gaining ground with them so stay the course


Good news @Patsbasement So happy you got to it quickly and were able to save most of it. Keep doing what you’re doing.


@AnneBonny @Countryboyjvd1971 @Screwauger @Willd @WillyJ @bob31 @dbrn32
Well we survived the caterpillar infestation 2 dose of btk really worked great. After the first dose I found dead bugs every day and no live bugs in a week
So I harvested the four trouble makers never got a chance to scrog em but they have good solid buds big as a beer can!
So I used @Screwauger three tub rinsing method and that worked great also but kinda gross several dead bugs, lotsa bug poop and a white film on top of the first 2 tubs last tub of water was pretty clear
They were trimmed off an leaves and are hanging up


Congrats! @Patsbasement. Imagine what you would have been smoking had you not done the rinse…wait never mind don’t think about cause it’s gross like you said.


Nice job @Patsbasement told you those buds would get big :+1:


Yeah @Patsbasement Congrats on getting them through to harvest…good times!!!


Congrats on those brats.


Yeah could you imagine without the wash… Nicely done @Patsbasement