Already planning my second grow


Wow thanks so much that is a lot to think about
I could do 3 units eventually
You are great! If you need a clambake for 100 or a turkey dinner for 300 , let me know that’s my gig!


@dbrn32 forgot the tag!


Haha thanks, I’ll keep that in mind!

I’m an led guy thru and thru, but it takes a little more money up front to compete with hid. It sucks, but I’d rather be up front with you. Grabbing what you can now, and building on it later is always a good option. Just as long as you have realistic expectations.


@Patsbasement you will need a new ballast to run a 1000w the new ballast can be dimmable from 1000w to 750w to 600w (100% 75% 60%) so you do not need to run full power


@dbrn32 is in point @Patsbasement
I like the lights and they perform well i think two of the 400 are best for the 4x4
I’ll admit I am a little lazy and have a lot in my plate which is why I haven’t built my own panel
But I’ll say. This when I do @dbrn32 is going to be my got to guy :+1:


This is my way of thinking @Patsbasement you already have a 600w hid which is a nice light but like @dbrn32 said to upgrade performance with led you would have to spend some $$ you already have,a hood (is it rated for a 1000w) a1000w ballast is going to cost around $175-200 and a 1000w bulb under $100 depends on which ones and maybe in the future add another tent set up and hood and put the 600w back service and do a perpetual grow…I’ve never grown with led but if I do I’ll probably save for a big $$ light not knocking the cheaper ones I just would rather have 1 light then three to do the same job…


Thanks for the input all of you…
@Ron330 @Bogleg @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ @Smokin_ernie
Now for the next infestation!

I just evicted a f?!@&$ toad last week and now I found 12 of these worms on my 4 trouble makers. I took em all out and spun em around. They did eat some foliage but not too much… what should be my plan of attack? Vigilance and a keen eye I know but neem oil spray and a rinse at harvest? I am 2-3 weeks from harvest…


I guess we know what the toad was eating!


Maybe I should put the toad back in!


make sure you get into those buds and look, they will burrow in and ruin the bud from the inside, leading to rot and lots of piller poop. A bunch of people from the west coast of US battled these suckers this year, and lost some good crop. That one does look big, so check for anything out of the ordinary that might be eggs/larva…

Here is a link to thread that may have some solutions


Thanks for the help and I have ordered the btk


Thanks for reposting @Niala post about BT Caterpillar killer. 2 applications did the trick here FYI


I spray my plants with Safer. It contains the BTK and it is available locally. I actually bought it last year to spray for the winter moth caterpillars.

Geez @Patsbasement get in there close as the boys out west will attest those bad boys can get in deep into that bud!


Changing ballast and bulb is an option. Didn’t think of that, good looking out @WillyJ.

There are going to be trade offs however you decide to go. It’s best to try and find what is going to work best for your application and budget.


Oh no! @Patsbasement. Hang that no vacancy sign and spray those girls with the BTK. Fingers crossed you got them in time.


I’ve encountered a couple of those on a couple outdoor plants…I will be harvesting probably in the next day or two I’m trying to find the time…got tp go to Bridgeport, CT tomorrow maybe I’ll start if I’m back early enough so I’ll be looking for more of them…my opinion is outdoor plants stay outdoor plants you can look for hrs and there is probably still some kind of critter if they’ve been outside…I’d finish this grow clean up everything and start fresh…there are always more trouble makers @Patsbasement :wink:


What a crappy ending @Patsbasement

Just ask @Rugar89 what those critters can do and in a very short time. Toad if you can find him I would put him back. BTk is a must and then a bud wash and rinse at harvest. Man o censored man


Hopefully it was just on the plant fell out of a tree or something look real good which I’m sure you have @Patsbasement how long have they been inside? Long enough to wake the toad right? Lol


Yup, already planning a major cleaning of the tent after these are harvested… I will do a visual inspection twice a day until I get my btk then 2 applications more vi then harvest with good soaking in h2o2 drying with fans
Did I miss anything?
@Screwauger @bob31 @WillyJ @Countryboyjvd1971


@Patsbasement I was just thinking I would try and keep the humidity as low as you can right now until you make sure your rid of them and any damage to buds heal…try and avoid any rot…