Already planning my second grow


I’m not really sure maybe you can try and prcess it again but I think its toast and toss it but I’ve never made hash so I’d wait till someone who has seconds that or not lol @Patsbasement


Sounds like the grade a might be too dry?

I just tossed the shake but @Countryboyjvd1971 is more of a hash maker than me and maybe @Screwauger @Willd


You are not going to ffffing believe this… I was watering my plants IN MY TENT, IN MY BASEMENT and a3 inch toad crawled out of the dirt!!! These trouble makers plants did spend the summer on the deck and we have seen small frogs out there but sheesh!
I was warned by one of you about possibly bringing in pests from outside but I never imagined this!
@bob31 @Willd @Smokin_ernie @Countryboyjvd1971 @WillyJ


He came out of the soil? In the pot? @Patsbasement Wow is all I can say!


Yeah,right? I saw the dirt moving and thought it might be time to lay off the weed!


:BELLY_LAUGH: Emoji needed! goodness. I hope you sent him on his way?


Oh I did… picked him up in a towel and set him free @bob31 @Screwauger


I would of left him in there, he could nab any gnats or whatever else gets in there…


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That’s pretty awesome, dude! We have a resident fence lizard and various salamanders and such but I can’t keep toads or frogs around.


I am not opposed to garden reptiles they’re actually beneficial for bug probs , but i needs to know: where the@&$)”@@ did he come from?


@Patsbasement set to watching! Awesome plants looking great, and loved the toad comment. Pfft, I would have said the same thing!!! (Best Cheech voice Like wow, man…) Can’t wait to see these finish, but really on here, dont we all?


He definitely blends right in. @Patsbasement I probably would have freaked out when I saw the soil move. Senior Frog is now homeless.


@AnneBonny I told my sister about it and she was worried about his ability to hibernate now too
I told her that I made him a sweater before I set him free


If your plant was outside, probably on a hot day he jumped up there and burrowed in the damp soil to stay cool, woke up and was like “ribbet, where the hell am I, this stuff is good, ribbet”…


@Ron330 That’s what I would have thought too but my deck is basically second story with no stairs or other egress to the outside. So I don’t know, it will remain a mystery!


@Patsbasement maybe it was raining frogs, some kind of biblical thing going on over there :frog:


That’s what you get for using happy frog hahaha! @Patsbasement


Yup he was probably in the bag! Hahaha good one!


Glad you got that little guy out of there, frogs and toads attract snakes. You definitely don’t want snakes…