Already planning my second grow

Hey grow gurus @bob31 @Screwauger @Countryboyjvd1971 @Willd
My first grow looks to be doing great and I hope to harvest Fourth of July give or take… 6 ww in a very full 4x4 tent.
I have already ordered my next beans from ilgm and expect delivery soon… any reason I can’t germinate right away and veg them on the deck with full morning sun until I harvested the first grow and then put them into the tent??
Hey @Screwauger how is your grow going??

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as long as they’re not getting more than 12 hours of dark they should be fine vegging outside.


Hi @Willd read about a small restaurant in your town called the lost restaurant… ever heard of it? Some gourmet chef took reservations for the summer and was filled up in two days…sounds kinda fancy pants for me.

It’s called the Lost Kitchen. I would never say anything disparaging about my neighbors, so I won’t say anything. I’ve never been there either so I can’t comment on the quality or post a review.

Here at home our menu is mostly plant based and mostly farm to table most of the year. I suppose I take that for granted that we have access to so many different varieties of heirloom strains of vegetables.

We’re still eating for pennies per serving even if you factor in every last expense of growing a big garden and preserving it all by canning, freezing, dehydrating, and vacuum sealing.

So when I “dine out” I want something cheap, delicious and deep fried like a chix tendah or haddock nugget basket for $5-10. Not $100 for 3 lamb chop pops, a plate of dandelion leaves and 5 slices each of 4-5 different strains of radish and carrot.


I hear ya brother, nothing like home raised young goose with potato dumplings and sauteed red cabbage :wink:


Hey PB, since you asked I will chronicle a bit. My tent is up and autopot system installed/plumbed. I planted three beans in rapid rooters using distilled water and superthrive then ph’d. I messed up the rr’s (by cramming too large a piece of rr into the hole making it too tight) and only the kiwi skunk sprouted, or so I thought. That plant has been transplanted into solo cup and doing nicely. The other two actually sprouted but could not find daylight and are stunted (even though tiny true leaves visible.

I panicked and set two more to germinate, skipping the rooters and going with soak/paper towel. Both look ready to pop any minute but this means I have too many plants for my tent. What a problem to have huh?

Things are humming along nicely and the Mrs. is getting interested in my green thumb activities. Only thing I am waiting for are two free hanging cords for my twin 125w cfls which I plan to use to supplement the two galaxy hyrdo 300w LED’s.

All three original seeds are in solo cups now and on 1/4 strength nutes (GH Flora) with calimagic and superthrive also in 1/4 strengths.

I only have a two pot auto pot so I am contemplating a blumat gravity fed watering setup for my third pot.

PS: just inquired about my three cotton candy seedlings for outdoors and he said another week.

Got any photos PB? Love to see your progress. I’ll load some photos of my progress and if I thought I would have the time, start a journal but I think I will wait until the next batch when I use ILGM beans as opposed to what I had on hand.

PSS And I would be very careful of bringing critters inside when you bring them in, that’s my luck anyway.

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@Screwauger here ya go
I have six white widow in 3 gallons pots, too many for a 4x4 tent…but they all seem healthy and we can’t wait for harvest. Made some kick ass cookies from the shake. We are hopefully counting down the number of $200 bags we have buy from a friend who grows…
Trying to convince my honey to get another tent so we will have perpetual harvest. She says let’s wait and see how this first grow goes. We got plenty of room in the basement but we could use plumbing and electrical upgrades to really be all set. Cannot complain too much, honey bought me all the initial equipment…


Wow! Great color, beautiful pics! Did you clone from the first grow? Looks like GREAT genetics on those ladies!

Hello @Patsbasement I agree with @Willd on the vegging thing
@Willd you make me laugh buddy

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Beautious! I look forward to mine being at that stage. Believe me when I say, I can relate to to frequent expense! Two years ago I lost my best friend and the most dependable, reliable and consistent connection I had ever had in my life. Met him in 2000 when I moved to Maine and we were just simpatico. I miss him and I miss the ease of access to weed. Ever since (and a large part of why I am cultivating) I have had to deal with the millennial’s and for the past year plus, no weed just concentrates. Mind you, the concentrates are okay but I miss the flavor, the smell and the prep of actual marijuana. I am truly excited even if in the end, it costs me more than $200/bag. I’m a tad over budget on my set up yet I am on amazon and ebay every night adding to my wish lists!!!


Hey so currently I’m trying the perpetual Grow thing and am on my third rotation…so far I’ve been able to maintain my vegging plants without a dedicated tent, just on a potting bench with a dedicated T5. Germinating 4 weeks before harvesting those in the flowering tent.

I do plan to upgrade my flowering tent to something larger and more powerful, but just wanted to put “out there” that it’s definitely possible to grow for personal use perpetually in a small, inexpensive footprint.

My total monthly electricity expenditure is just under $50 per month.

Now to get those solar panels on the roof…

Happy farming!



Agreed, it’s all about the flower for me, too.

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Really looks great @Patsbasement. Your honey is a keeper. ha ha ha. You don’t need me to tell ya that tho.
@Countryboyjvd1971 I try to provide the most nyuk for the buck whenever I can.
@Sl1 is a good role model and has taken all the advice and shared experiences here and finds ways to utilize, improve and push that info the the envelope.
I’m kind of hermit and try to apply the same approach of continually learning and tweaking the most usable techniques to suit my specific conditions but I’m strictly outdoors.

If we ever had to leave this rural paradise, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to purchase whatever it took to equip an indoor perpetual harvest set up like @Sl1 is doing. Probably go with full blown DWC systems and grow lettuce or other veggies as well.

Imagining our life without free home grown produce makes me extremely uneasy.
I haven’t had to buy a bag of weed, a clove of garlic, lettuce, spinach, carrots, potatoes or a single dry bean since 2015 and I use all those things nearly every day,


Well thank you very much for that, kind Sir :nerd_face:

Cannot go wrong with the help of ILGM mods :heart:

I toy with the idea of DWC but I’m just not home enough, really worry about things going wrong.


Heh. Yeah, I’ve gotten so used to it, I tend to forget not everybody works from home.

I’ve already seen how what you’ve learned and put into practice has been paying off as your technique and skills grow and improve.

I have a feeling your set up & product will continue to improve with every grow until you have it dialed into a kind of Shangrila for cannabis.

W :v:

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Thanks all for the words of news, inspiration and education. I am a lot like the rest of you… I am learning every day and using your experiences here to improve my growing conditions.
@Willd I grew up with a large vegetable garden and I started one from scrach 30 years ago when I. Moved to worcester. City lot with brown city dirt lotsa gravel…I conditioned it with compost, mulch And love. It was black gold when got kicked to the curb by my ex five years ago…basil mint heirloom tomato squash horse radish and Concord grapes
Add for your dining out, you must enjoy my old employer weathervane seafood I moved to worcester for my job with them. Terrible employer
@Screwauger sorry to hear of your loss of your close friend. I lost a good friend from high school peter fry in the south tower on September 11. Great soccer player and bong hitter, then a stock broker…I think of him very often.
So, good news, my seeds arrived!! I may be
E using this as my grow journal

So I will be growing 4 white widow in s 5 gallon smart pots. I tried growing 6 first grow in A very full 4x4 tent. I thought how big can they get? I switched them to flower and due to a health issue neglected them for a week but I had left the lightt in it’s highest position doing maintenance they really stretched and are quickly out growing the tent
So seeds are soaking will be planted tomorrow and put on the dryer with a warm on them maybe a heating mat under neath if needed.

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@Patsbasement Thanks. Sorry to hear about Peter as well. Chuck was a mans man. He sold herb, hunted and fished. Period. That fall he traded much of his outdoor grow for an older Corvette in mint condition. He took the Vet out for a drive one afternoon and didn’t return home. They found him sitting in his favorite spot by the river, with a large DD coffee untouched and half a cannon by his side. Point is I knew what he was doing there (burning a fatty) and he passed in likely the best conditions one could hope for. I miss him but so glad he did not have prolonged issues or suffering. We all agreed, want to go just like Chuck when the number is up.


Tagged you into my grow journal for the second grow…above I describe how I left my lights at max height for a week by mistake and they really stretched, too much if you ask me. They’re almost touching the lights but it’s not hot at all. Predicting I will get light airy buds eventually…

@Patsbasement just a FYI
I wouldn’t want them you get up set with you
In post 17 the pic of seeds with tag and envolope should be removed before one of the admins see it they frown on pics of that just a heads up from a fellow grower