Almost time to start. What else do I need?

Yowza! So you test the water going in and coming out? I probably got a few videos to watch… Me and my hubby were talking about it and it would seem you take chances putting anything in the soil.

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No, not as long as you control what you put in. Always ph and tds everything! Eliminates “risk”

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hi totally new here and getting read t try this. two questions? where is the best place to ask completely newbie sorts of questions on this forum, and specific to this topic how do you test ph? Something with the leaves of the plant or the dirt in the containers? I’m dumb on this topic now but I’m a good learner! thanks!

Alright y’all. Here’s where we’re at last night. Planted 2 seeds White Widow Auto flowers. Placed in 2 separate containers for 24 hours. Neither cracked, grew a tail, or sunk. I placed both seeds in separate jiffy pellet packs. 1 was the one from the a pot for a pot kit, and the other was just a regular jiffy pellet. They were placed in my 3x3 tent with my S6 fan and passive intake. My light is a 260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit about a foot from the seeds.

Well, it’s been about 8 days or so and only one has sprouted. The other I believe is dead. I may have pushed it down too far. My question is, should I plant another and try again, knowing the other one will be far along? Or am I better off just waiting now? They’re autoflowers so I wasn’t sure if it mattered. I plan on transplanting my one seedling tonight, though it only has one set of leaves. I will attach a pic. Also, I don’t have a ph meter yet, so I have been using bottled water. Only been watering once a day, but seems very dry. Not really sure how much water it should be getting.

First pic is the seedling and the second is the one that never came to. Thanks for all your guys’ help so far. Been great.