Almost time to start. What else do I need?

Hey y’all. Getting pumped for my first grow here. Everything that I ordered should be here by early next week. So I will hopefully be getting going on that. I would like to tell you what I have, and see what else I really need to make sure this is successful. I’ve read a TON on here and I should really think about keeping notes. I will make a note of that :slight_smile: Here is what I have:

AC Infinity Cloudlab 733. 3x3x72

260W XL QB V2 Rspec LED Kit. This is supposed to fit in my tent by 2mm. Yes, 2 millimeters. Haha. I’m not holding my breath. Worst case scenario, I will send the rent back and get the 24x48x72 tent. I’m excited for the light though, and only would’ve found it on here. Before that, it was a blurple nurple light. And I can’t have that kind of negativity.

Medium Complete Grow Kit (5 gallon)from A pot for pot.

20x White Widow Autos from ILGM.

Here’s the deal. I plan on doing two at a time. Having said that, I clearly need another fabric pot. I can grab one. As far as the nutrients and soil from APFP, is that just enough for one plant? Or can is there more there. I plan on growing in my basement. Humidity is anywhere between 45-60 and the temps are always right around 64 degrees. Will I need fans or exhaust? Any you recommend? Guess I should get a ph meter too. Links?

What else to get this show on the road?

Thanks guys. Loving this community so far.

Do you have ph pen and tds meter?
If not I recommend this one.
Combo ph and tds-

Kinda spendy but worth it, you will use it every single time you water or feed. The cheap ones will lose calibration constantly you will also notice the reading drifting a lot with a 12 dollar jobbies.
If that’s too steep a price tag, I recommend at least getting an Apera PH pen like this one-

Best 80 bucks I spent.


You’re missing Mantis Buffered Nutrients as your nutrient system :wink:

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What are you using for tent ventilation? Have you considered any environmental automation devices?

None. Hadn’t put much thought into it, but seems to be the way. Any recommendations?

You got an AC Infinity tent, only seems right to put an AC Infinity exhaust fan on it, I’d go with S6 or T6, the S6 comes with a simple speed controller, if you want something fancier than can get the T6 but for the best controller, get the S6 and a AC Infinity 67 controller, does blue tooth and has more features.


Thank you. Looking into that now. Forgot about timers for the light. Anything specific for those? Also, regarding the exhaust fan, do I want that to run constant? Or with the light? Something else?

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On timers, I would go for a digital one over the mechanical ones. If there is a power failure for a while, the digital ones, usually have an internal battery backup good for a while and will keep the schedule while the mechanical ones will just be off and resume when power is restored, changing your schedule by however long the power failure was.

I use these as I have a need for 2 independently programmable outlets, can go for a single outlet model if that is all you will require.

On the exhaust fan, I run it constantly after the seedling stage (i keep it off for first week or so to keep tent warm for the new seedlings). I usually run at a higher speed with light on (to control temps) and lower speed at lights off (to keep humidity from getting too high).


Awesome! Thank you very much sir! I will order tonight.

That light (I have one) is perfect for a 2x4x6 tent. The extra space would be appreciated later.

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I echo @Hellraiser on the AC infinity fans. I recommend a 6 inch too. I have a 4 inch for my 3x3 and I wish I had gotten a 6 at least twice a week. If you go to their website and order use the code cannabeard for 15% off. The controller 67 is pretty cool and I wish I had gotten it. The ones that come with the fan is great too, just less function. Most acinfinity fans are controlled by a temp and humidity probe (t series cloud line)which will save you bucks where it can (shuts fan off if it is not needed and then on again when it is)

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Hey guys. Received everything and am setting it all up in preps for my grow. Quick question. I bought Cloudline S6 and the 67 controller. Am I using that for an inlet fan or an outlet? Sorry, I’m new to this.

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I’d use it as an exhaust fan, I don’t use intake fans, just passive intakes.

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Thank you. What do you mean by passive intakes? Just a fan inside blowing the air around?

I have a couple fans inside the tent for circulation like this

Passive intake is just opening up one of the lower air/vent holes, some tents have a screened “window” you can open to let in air like in this picture, though I have closed up here, though that can be a problem in flowering as it can let in light

So I do this in the flowering tent to let air in but no light

I use a vent port built into the lower sides of my tent and use 6" ducting to allow fresh air in, here it is on the inside of the tent

Then this on the outside of the tent

Which I orient to not face any light source and with a couple bends in the ducting, no light in but allows plenty of air flow.


Awesome!! Thank you very much. That helps a lot.

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Ya "A picture is worth a …

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Here’s the duct screen/filter at the end of the ducting outside of the tent, helps keep light out, also bugs and dust.


Are both PH meters good for use in soil?

Neither can be used in soil. Apera does make a soil tester probe but they are spendy.

Bluelab makes one too, spendy as well

Best way outside the probes is a 1:1 soil slurry. Get equal parts soil and distilled water, mix, allow to rest for 15 mins then ph the slurry.

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