Almost time to harvest found bug?

would any one know what this is,and what to do about it? It looks like a larvae of some kind😢

Have a look at @Medicalgrower bud rotting post. You might find an answer there and good luck :sunglasses:

Thanks @Davyg, I dont have bud rot, everything seems good, I was just checking the trichomes, and came across them.

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bet them worms are stoned


I do a bud was after every harvest @Myfriendis410


@danfurlong , I’m about to justleve them, and smoke em any way.the trichomes are 60% cloudy .hope they make it. @Tinman, last time I did a bud wash my.weed turned brown. It’s not great tasting but I had to smoke it

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Maybe thrip larvae?

@WATT-SUN GOD I hope not, any suggestions ?

How close is close ? (To harvest )

2-3 weeks

I’d try a hydrogen peroxide spray First since you’re so close . @Myfriendis410 should that be used straight or diluted ?


@Watt-Sun, I just dont get it, I’ve been using the neem oil spray up to budding,no mildew, my ventilation is great, the buds look and smell fantastic- wtf
I’ll try the peroxide, At lights out or before they come on?

should be fine

@Watt-Sun, these are the clones I took from the dying mom, could they’ve been transferred? And I wonder why the neem didnt kill em

I haven’t had to use this method so I don’t want to steer you wrong I believe it’s at lights out. You can try a search for h2o2 there are a bunch of threads on its use

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I hope so, this has bee a frustrating 2 years, I just want a dang dank harvest!

Are you in soil?

Will do.thank you

Yes, FFHF soil/30% perlite, I crumbled mosquito dunks into my mix