Almost time to flower should i trim?

Hi I have grown a few times and usually trim the bottom three branches and also trim most of the water leaves before I force flowering. I’m growing critical mass, their three weeks in the pot and a few days of germination. So far I haven’t done this because when they were only a week old they were both growing so slow I trimmed a couple of fan leaves off and that really slowed the growth, so I left them both alone. I say I’ve grown a few times thats true but I’m very clueless about growing.


Hey there @sillyman yes you could take a few big fan leaves off and light can penetrate through you’re plants, they are beautiful plants buy the way well done :v:️.


Take any fan leaves or bud sites on the lower part of the plant that wont produce anything, this will send any energy spent in them to other areas. Usually the bottom 1/3 of the plant can be stripped without any problems.

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Thanks @Johnzy81 and @Aolelon, I was thinking the same things, sometimes trying to learn to grow by using differant articles on the internet can get confusing.

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