Almost time for first harvest?

Hey guys as the title says first time harvesting. Ive watched a lot of videos and scrolled through the forums quite a bit. I’m trying see a difference between milky and clear tricombs but its kinda tough for a noob. I know im close but am I looking at another week or maybe 2 out of these girls. Ive stopped feeding all nutes and have them both down to 600 ppm so after 2 more watering they should be at 0. I think thats what im supposed to do. Anywho heres some photos of both of these gals .

Forgot to add im about week 9ish of flower. somewhere between 7-9

Plant 1


Plant 2


I think u are right you have a week or two left. Watch for a little amber on the buds not the leaves. Seems most of the strains I’ve grown, the pistils all turn color and she yellows up a tad. Your doing great.


good to hear, thank you !


Yup they are both looking fantastic! Both have swollen nicely and seem to be approaching harvest soon.

Now if they were my plants? I’d try to squeak another 7-10 days of feed and water only for last week. Nothing heavy ppm or additive wise, just a nice PK leaning feed or two. Just to keep them well fed through this finishing stage. They need all the nutrients they can use at this point.

Plant one has that sitting Phat look. Still a few too many white pistils but that maybe strain specific. What are they?

Plant two… she looks like you stopped feeding a tad too soon on her. And her swell isn’t nearly as pronounced as one. I’d give her two full weeks of feed then reassess.

All in all, great grow so far! Don’t rush to the end. You’ve been patient. Let them finish up and get great meds.

Also VERY few strains finish up 7-9 weeks from the flip date. Not saying it’s not doable, but mine usually take 11-13 from flip date. Minimally. A few have been more like 14-15


These are super skunk autos from ILGM. You have some great points here, I think youre 100% spot on. I think Ive been paying more attention to trying to go by the book and less of what my plants are actually telling me, typical rookie mistake most likely. I will continue a light feed this week and reassess for next week.

Also to clarify, you state a PK leaning feed so I’m assuming higher in potassium and phosphorus. I’m using fox farm trio nutrients so by now youre saying I should basically only feed Tiger Bloom(2-8-4) and a little of the big bloom and cut out the grow big (6-4-4) completely seeing that its nitrogen focused?


Sounds about right. I’d do it like this.

Cut the ratios of the feed in half. Possibly remove or at least quarter strength the grow big. And a minimal amount of Big Bloom (which is not high NPK if I’m recalling right, but overdoing it can cause issues)

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Yea the Big Bloom is (0 - 0.5 - 0.7) so i think no nitrogen right? Its worm castings and bat guano. The grow big is (6-4-4) so heavier on the nitrogen. So is using a minimal amount of grow big in late flower still okay due to high Nitrogen? Or cut that out completely and use a minimal amount of the Big Bloom with Tiger Bloom?

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I’d cut the grow big completely and use the Tiger Bloom and the other one you mentioned. The 2-8-4 should be enough to keep her leaves green for a week or 2

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ty appreciate the help

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Hey yall. So its been 8 days since this post. Just dropping an update and to also get some opinions. I ended up getting 2 light pk feedings out of both plants. Plant 2 has been keeping me on my toes. It seems that leaves are now drying up and falling off. I think I need another week out of it but do I have the time for that ? At the rate this thing is drying up its making me nervous. Plant 1 is the complete opposite. Still green with some slight discoloration but looks mega healthy. Seems I could let it ride another few weeks if I really had to. Id like to harvest both at the same time if that’s even possible. Do you think im there yet or another week or even more ? Can plant 2 hang on that much longer?



Appreciate all the help.

The drying and leaves falling off has increased even more since yesterday lol. I’m unsure of what to do. I think I might just flush and harvest within the next few days. They seem ready enough to me and they look older than most other peoples plants I see when they harvest. Ill just go for it


Let em fall! If the trichs ain’t ready, I don’t cut. That said… she looks to be approaching D Day. And is sitting PHAT… you won’t lose much harvesting too soon. A tad bit of potency, but looks like you won’t notice

So were they ready to harvest? Notice anything that let you know one way or the other?

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From the pic? No they aren’t. Looks like another week or two will do them some justice. But if I had to cut? I wouldn’t feel bad…

What do the trichs say?

And the abundance of white pistils says don’t cut me.

The swell and the dying leaves say do.

Can’t make a definite decision unless the trichs are cloudy or not

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Plant 2 has mostly cloudy trichs with a few amber mixed in. Plant 1 had mostly cloudly trichs with a few clear mixed in, really no amber. So from what you say and from the limited knowledge I have I would say I could harvest any day now or I could wait another week ?


Cloudy = head high

More amber = more couch lock


great info here thank you

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So I decided to harvest 1 plant plant and as I was doing a quick wet trim I noticed these sacs underneath some of the bud sites. I also notice on some nugs there are little yellowish pistols. Is this plant a hermie ? If so i can still smoke it fine right. Everything looks good otherwise

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