Almost there... Harvest soon?



big is better.


the basil is for company.:family_man_man_girl_girl:


In a week, the colour of this plant has changed drastically, it is one of the most mesmerising things I’ve ever seen.


Is that a 7 gal fabric pot? (The plant outside)


Yeppers. Best decision ever made, to swap from plastic to fabric.


Got some 7 gals coming. I was having such a hard time determining if I should get the 5 or 7 because everyone said that they run small but I have such a small grow tent I was worried about getting them too big. They should get here tomorrow so hopefully I will soon know if the 7 was the right decision!


Since you are growing indoors, you could possibly plant 2 to a bag, especially if you plan on LSTing or SCROG.


Forgive me for my arrogance but SCROG and LSTing? I think my grow tent will only handle two plants at a time, that is awesome to know I can plant two to a bag though I thought they needed more room.


@shungitewhap, LST- Light Stress Training to open up center of plant. SCROG can better explained by indoor growers like @raustin.


It is essentially training your plant to grow a certain way. Watch some clips on YouTube, helps you maximize your space. But you need to do some research and be careful hahaha. I split my stem on my girl in the pic above but luckily I quickly taped her back up and she hasn’t had a fault luckily.

And yeah fabric pots ftw man. If you go 7 you can do 2 in one for sure man Esp with some plant training.


2 gal this one, haha. It’s small :frowning: wont be that small in future. 3gal for autos and 5 gal for normal plant is good


If you have a small tent like I have then you’re going to want to train your plants to grow low and maximize the space in your tent.

Low Stress Training is a technique where the stems are tied down to the pot so that they grow horizontally rather than vertically.

To really maximize a small space you could SCROG, which is placing a net over the plant and then training it to grow through it, again horizontally. You fill up the squares in the net till you have a Screen Of Green growing. You get the most colas using this technique.


OMG. I just realized I said “arrogance” instead of ignorance. HAHA.
What an idiot! Thank you so much guys. Ok two plants to a pot. Do you think me growing four plants for my first grow is to ambitious. I don’t want to kill all of them my first time and have to buy more seeds immediately. lol.


Ok another possibly stupid question… What is stopping you from combining both methods? Tying down the lower branches and doing the net across the top? I think I will try SCROG for my first go around. When you first place the net up would you put it up about half way or do you want it to hit the plant lower?


Darn it. I was going to get 5s and I got 7s at the last second. Good thing they are cheap!


There’s nothing stopping you. Lol. You can easily combine both techniques. You put the net up at the end of veg, before flower so that you can tuck the branches under the net. You want the net to hit the plant as far down as you can, but not less than 12" because you need a little room to be able to work under the net.


Perfect! Thanks @raustin you are always so clear and concise in your answers. I am a ‘what if’ person and I know its obnoxious lol so thanks for putting up with me. I just got so many damn questions… off to peruse the other forum tags and take some notes! Green Class is in session.


Anytime, @shungitewhap. I’m always happy to help.


CENSORED s for gree ment :man_farmer: