Almost there... Harvest soon?

Hi guys,

I’m finally getting there. I’ve attempted a White widow auto again, this time in a 2 gal pot with super soil. She’s looking great, small but great. Small due to pot mostly, but this is ok.

Now, the fan leaves are yellowing, everything else is beautifully green. I look online though and I see plants with nothing but bud, mines loaded with sugar leaf and not so much bud. Not sure whether I’m still a few weeks away perhaps?

Thoughts? Pics below.

Thank you


You are still a ways away. It is going to fatten up. If you have a jewelry loupe you can see the trichome crystals to get a better assessment.

Your plants look great. A yellowing leaf or two are you move through the latter stages of flowering, especially nearer to the bottom of the plant, is ok. Keep an eye out for spreading. As long as your pH is fine and you aren’t overfeeding you should be good.

I had WWA and they produce a nice harvest.


Halfway there…


re pot into a larger pot for more goodies…be quick though.


Yup, for outdoors you need 5 gal min. Looks good, I grow WWA outdoors as well.

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This is my recent outdoor harvest of 4 WWA plants-

Best advice I can give you is to be patient.


very respectable ! well done…:man_farmer:


Jeez, thanks for the positive feedback everyone!!! After my last two failed attempts, I managed to get it going better finally. She’s looking great, been topped once as well btw (and I split it in half down the middle but quickly used something to hold it in place so it could heal quickly, almost like no damage was done). I also made a super soil mix so that’s what it’s being feed.

Think it’s ok if I repot it guys? 5 gal… I got some 5 gal fabric pots on the way for other plants, I shall use them :slight_smile: I have a blueberry auto next to it too, looking about the same. If I repot, I’ll be using my super soil, need to make sure I don’t overdo it! Haha.

Also, I always read that it takes 2 months for an auto to be ready for harvest. It’s already been 2 months and it’s at this stage, so it seems it takes longer in reality, can anyone confirm?

Thanks again all.

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Im big on gardening man, really new to it, got heaps of things growing. I am also indoor growing and hydro growing, not just cannabis but Peppers and other things. It’s quite enjoyable! I’m applying the super soil method to other plants too to see the results compared to the usual means of growing. All organic based soil and fertilizer. It is harder to do but more rewarding I think

I have one girl that that will be about 20 weeks at harvest. She was planted 8/11 and should have been harvested with her sisters. Generally, it is 12-14 weeks seed to harvest.


Great to know. It does feel more like that, so that’s good. I’m keen to put them into bigger pots now with the posts earlier, wish I did it from the start haha. Ah well, gotta learn

@Tehj, honestly I would let them be. You don’t want to stress her out, autos generally don’t have time to recover. Keep in mind for next grow thought.


my Auto N/LIGHTS grown in a conservatory via sunlight only, always take 90 days or so …be patient…its heading your way

get a good strong LOUPE from Amazon

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I grow amazing Basil in with my Gals…companion planting is a lost art with pot growing, there are quite a few posts on this great site about it,
They have an enormous vegetable growing competition fetish here in the UK and CANNA are the sponsors .
I am trying the ‘CANNA way’ next grow season and I shall report back.


That was my thought as well initially, but then I got excited. Seems like root growth is a bit too far down now anyway. I’ll leave her, shell be dense at least :slight_smile:

Are 7 gal pots ok or is 5gal the optimal size for autos?

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I forgot to do companions this time around man I do that with my trees in pots and stuff, I will do it next time afound. How does basil help? I should have a good read!!

I’ll get a loupe as well, I haven’t gone that far yet but it seems it’ll come in handy hehe.

I have mine in 7gal fabric pots, the more room for roots to grow, the bigger the fruit.


Beautiful, I got 10 coming!

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7 gal is favorite … we talking US gallons right ?


Yeah US gal :slight_smile: I’ll give them a go. I got one in a 3 n a 5 gal ATM, see how they go too. Definitely loving super soil though, really easy to grow them.