Almost ready, what do you think?

Hello, i just took some close up pictures of my plant that im planning on harvesting soon.
She was part of an 8 week flowering run i did, but this one took her time shes now in week 11.
I think she turned out quite well for a plant in a 6L pot (just from my experience).
As you can see in the pictures below there is not much amber color to see yet so im still waiting for that but otherwise she look pretty much ready. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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How long has she been in flower?

As mentioned, 11 weeks

Still have a lot of white pistils, a few weeks to go at least.

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Those last few pics are of sugar leaves. Tricomes on leaves will turn color first, try to get right in the bud part, flower. Also a lot of white hairs still, patients i think still

All the new pistils are throwing me off. How old is the plant?

Going by the looks of the plant and trichomes, I believe you have a few weeks.

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@oldmarine Thats just the strain ive grown it a few times and always overload of white pistils, sometimes they curl that looks really nice too.

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Just a question, could it be fox tailing?

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Maybe a bit, nothing to worry thoug in my opinion. I guess i have her to close to the light.