Almost ready to start my very first time! Soil question

What if I hang them along the back wall of the tent and hang a black sheet between the light and the back wall where they hang? Same room, but one side will be significantly darker?

They will need some air flow.

I’m sure you’ve got some time. Autos are weird they can sometime take longer and sometimes take shorter than their photo counterparts although you can use the photoperiod flowering times as a rough guide for what to expect.

It’s more informative to know how long it’s been flowering for counting from the first appearance of actual defined flowering tops.

Well I screwed that way up. I thought they were going to start flowering at 8 weeks… I must have read that somewhere but they started flowering at like 3.5 weeks and I brushed it off as veg growth because I was sure it was too early to flower… So I didn’t even make a note when I saw the first white hairs :tired_face:

It’s not a big deal you’re going to harvest based on trichome maturity anyway not number of days or weeks. The only reason to keep track is so you have a general idea of when harvest time is gonna be. My current grow the target is “June”


Two of my plants got sick. I know those two pots had the P4P SUPERB soil mix in the bottom so maybe I should not have kept them on the same fertilizer schedule as the FFOF soil??

Anyway, I have done ONLY water at pH 6.5 - 7 for the last two feeds because I noticed a tiny bit of yellow starting on the tips, plus I think GSCX #1 is almost ready to cut.

So I have this I’ve never used. I am going to read instructions here when I get a moment and then once I figure out what the problem is how do I fix it?? I know you can flush the soil by running pure water through but my tap water is a normal PH of 8.-8.5 so I don’t want to flush with running tap water right?

Pictures of everyone for update