Almost ready to start my very first time! Soil question

So one of fox farms more popular products is Coco Loco (or Koko-Bop, I forget), which is 50/50 mix of Ocean Forest and Coconut Coir. Get a block of coir and mixt it and you will have a great soil. And a lot of it.
Treat it just like soil and pH your water to 6.5-6.8 and it works great.

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Hi and welcome to the forum! You’ve met some of our shadier characters (JK) and getting solid advice.

For a new grower there are a ton of things to consider and I’ll try to cover them:

Carbon filter is not needed until flower. High humidity will kill the carbon inside so be judicious about using it.

You do need cross ventilation so an open vent is necessary. I bought a 6" stovepipe elbow and spray-painted the inside black. Put on one of the floor vents and vent from opposite corner, top. You can vent into your room or vent outside; your preference.

Soil is critical to growing good cannabis. FF Ocean Forest is a good place to start but some care needs to be taken for new plants going into it. A nutrient-free starting soil like Daisy Seed Starting Mix is wise as seedlings need nothing but water air and light for the first two weeks or so.

Recommend you purchase fabric pots to grow in; depending on size a 5 or 7 gallon is plenty for soil grows.

Growing in containers it is inevitable that you will be adding nutrients in flower. There are a HUGE number of nutrient lines and really that’s up to you.

As a result of needing to add nutrients, a decent digital PH and TDS meter are really necessary tools. Apera is a good place to start if buying on Amazon.

No idea of your water quality but it may be wise to get a municipal water report to determine if you have chlorine or chloramines in your muni water supply. If on a well it’s good to know the salt content of water (TDS meter) and cannabis needs to be watered at a PH between 6.3 and 6.8 for soil.

I would strongly suggest you attach yourself to a seasoned grower’s grow journal and pester them with questions. Here are a few growers doing great stuff: @Hellraiser @Covertgrower @MattyBear @Not2SureYet @ash93 and a ton more. Here’s my journal if you want to peruse it although I’m a media grower (soilless):

As you read and comment on topics your ‘Trust Level’ with the forum engine will go up and you’ll get some badges as you progress. Use the @ sign to tag folks: it’s the best way to get traffic on your journal. I also strongly suggest you read the Forum Policy:


That should be a sticky.

@Myfriendis410 thank you!

When I was buying the duct/vent to put in the wall I saw they now have connection fittings that you can lock and unlock your duct pipes to open them up and clean inside. So right now I have my fan connected directly to the carb. If I were to add a foot of duct between them I could also put in the connection fitting they sell so when my plants aren’t flowering I can unhook the duct from the carb and when I need the carb just hook that duct back up? Or should I remove the carb from the tent itself when I’m not using it? Would the humidity hurt it when it’s not in use?
I will get another pipe to make a vent that won’t let light in or out.

I received 3 gallon fabric pots with my grow kit, (16 of them). I have one 5 gallon fabric pot from P4P and I just ordered some more 5 gallon because I would like to start 3 seeds at once in the same size pots. Which is why I was looking to find more soil other than what I received for my one 5 gal…

My basement -where my tent is- right now is holding at about 60 degrees and I keep my house (living area) at 70. I have a small heater in the tent which I’m going to set up maintain 76 degrees. Any idea if I need to raise that up and try to hang it instead of having it on the floor? I don’t want my plants to get too hot with the heater close to them. But I’m fairly certain if I vent the one side opposite of the fan the tent will suck any heat right out like an air tunnel?

I’ll be doing lots of reading of the journals you suggested… After my toddler goes to bed. Lol

Thank you very much for your help!!


Yea mate iv just got some clones from a friend. I’ll tag you in my journal if u want but as one of the guys said check out some of the seasoned growers journals. I’m about 1/10 of the way through @hellraisers 6000 post journal haha. So much good info

Ask questions. Ask before buying too. There is a lot of information out there and a lot of it is dated or not relevant.

When you get ready to germinate your seeds, tag me for the process. If you don’t have it can you acquire a bottle of 3% peroxide and a gallon of distilled water? You also want some red Solo cups and some clear ones for a dome. That is what you’ll start your plants in with starting soil once sprouted.


Welcome to the forum. :+1: You are looking good. I have one of these dampers between my fan and widow I vent to. It is cheap and will keep most of the cold air out when you have the filter disconnected :grin: I would also think about moving both of those 6" fans to the other side of the tent. That looks like the back wall where your plants will be right? If so. You may need some of the room they take up for raising your lights during the grow. You are getting a lot of great advise in here. There is always some one around to help to. :grin: I will retry and follow along.

Welcome to the community! Myfriendis410 covered most of what you need. Always happy to help if you have any questions. @Newbs


@Not2SureYet @Myfriendis410

Here are some better pictures of my 5x5 tent. There is a tiny window that opens next to it, but the opening is long and rectangle and obviously the duct is round. So I’m going to just put a vet up in the corner there of the house to go outside. I told my husband I will put it right behind one of the front bushes so it won’t be so terribly obvious there is a random second dryer vent on the house… I’m also going to get one of those back draft things. Minnesota winters are NOT welcome indoors. Thank you!

My fans are on the back wall under my carb and my duct. I didn’t think my plants would go back there I figured right in the middle under the center of the light? Should I adjust this? I dropped some saucers down where I figured I would put them, for reference.

I have purified bottled water but I can get distilled tomorrow. I have peroxide also. People keep talking about grow journals on here, not on paper. Where do I go to start one of those? Is that where I’m supposed to tag you? Ha. I’m so sorry I’ve never done much social media… I figured I’ll be writing everything into a notebook as I go but online could work too if it saves my info?

You guys have been so helpful!! I’m even MORE excited than I was before and I didn’t think that could be.

I only have one girlfriend who knows anything about my set up, other than my husband of course… And that’s only because she buys from me because I have a decent connection right now… but it’s expensive!
My husband says if I get caught he’s claiming to know nothing about this :rofl::rofl: I am going to put a curtain up on that half of the basement so it’s not glaringly obviously what’s back there…
It’s so nice to TALK about this. Whew. Journaling might be necessary for me. Haha!

I might be at my post/reply limit for today so if you don’t hear from me again soon, you will in 24 hours when I’m allowed to post. :grin::wink:

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You have essentially started a journal with these entries. If you want to change the location or name of the title just tag me and I’ll take care of it.

Over time you’ll figure out the way the forum works: it’s not hard.


Yes! Thank you. After I put my son down I pulled out the dusty old laptop and perused this site on a computer. I understand now the format and how to do the journaling now!

I’m very excited. My seeds are coming around 2pm today when the mail man comes!! I’m so glad I’m working from home :tada::tada::tada::tada:

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@Myfriendis410 sorry to bug you. Do you have a link to instructions for what ratio of peroxide to water? The grow bible does not say anything about peroxide so I’d like to read up before I get my seeds today.

Here’s the procedure:

In a coffee mug 1/4 to 1/2 cup of distilled water.

In to that add 1/2 to 1 tsp of 3% peroxide.

Dump seed in and place in a dim, warm place (I use the cable box) and refresh the peroxide daily. Once seeds crack and a beginning taproot forms, plant 1/3 to 1/2 inch deep in neutral seed starter mix slightly dampened. If using a Solo cup place a dome over the top and your watering will consist of misting the inside of the dome twice a day for all the moisture the seedling needs. (seedlings derive their water out of the air through leaves until root forms).

Place on a 24/0 light cycle until transplant.

Oh, and poke a bunch of holes in the bottom Solo cup.

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Can I use these same containers with the seed start soil I have for my veggies this year??

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You are off to a good start. You can grow in the center with no issues. @MattyBear fills his 3x3. What brand tent is that you have? I haven’t seen one that has 2 side ports like that before. And you can use your little tray there to start veggies too. My neighbor uses trays similar to those for all his out door stuff. I have a few of the trays like you have there still. They work great for starting out. You can zip tie your surge protector to one of the top bars to keep it out of the way if you like. I have mine on the top right. That way I can get to them easy once I open the tent door.

@Not2SureYet here is the tent bag/brand name.

I got it with the “full kit” from grow nation

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For the 24/0 light schedule does the color spectrum for seedling look good? This is from the manual in the light I ordered.

Then I assume once I transplant to the big fabric pot I will switch the lights to vegetative colors.

What temperature should I keep the tent for the seedlings? 76°F still ok?

That’s perfect.

No experience with that light so watch seedlings: if they stretch, turn up the light or lower it.

Most recommend running all lights from the get-go.


A little update. I rotated my entire tent for a better electricity set up. I added a connecting port, the male part on my carb and female on my fan.

I don’t have my exhaust fan running right now because I have both left and right vents open and both fans and the heater going. I’m keeping my seedlings at 76° and under the “seedling” light setting. R39 W49 B100

I bought one 5 gal kit from P4P so I only had enough coir and soil for 1. I ended up mixing my own coir, FFOF and perlite to make enough for 4 pots. I picked up wheels for all my pots and bigger drip pans to control the water.

I germinated one Bruce Banner AF, one Gorilla glue AF and one girl scout cookie extreme AF.
I planted all three after 24 hours soaking on 4/9.

On the morning of 4/11. BB and GG have shown themselves. My girl scout is being shy.

Since I soiled up four 5 gal pots I started soaking a second BB last night and will be planting tonight at the 24 hr mark.

I realize my little starter tray probably isn’t big enough to hold the plant roots until they have their second leaf set so I’m worried about transplanting earlier than I should. Because of that, I picked up small planters to use going forward. I need to pick up some clear plastic cups to dome those planters.

Any advice or suggestions? Also, I once found a good fertilizer schedule but if anyone has one they know and is tried and true please share!! I realized I’ve got some time before fertilizing. I ordered fox farms fertilizer from Amazon.

I’m still new to this but I think I’m supposed to tag people to get them to see this. Sorry if that is wrong.
@Myfriendis410 @Audiofreak @Covertgrower @Randy_Marsh @Spiney_norman


Everything else looks about right. Tag anyone any time! Happy to stop by.
When you get low on fox farms nutrients, you should give Jack’s 321 a try. A lot of us are using it, and it’s really a simple schedule, and it’s affordable.
Fox farms good too, and I used it for my first grow and a few times after that.