Almost ready to harvest but cool nights coming

Hey everyone, got 3 plants growing outdoors (2) in the ground one white widow and a blueberry. the other one is a green crack in a 10 gal cloth bag. I’m really close to harvest but temp’s are getting cooler mid to upper 60’s in the day and low 50’s to upper 40’s at night. I’m in southern illinois by the way, should I cover the ones in the ground, I have a fence around them, so won’t be hard to cover. The one in the pot I can bring inside during the night. Just wondering if anyone has anything to add that needs to be done. Weather is to get warmer later in the week but night temps are still pretty cool. Thanks

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They’ll make it in 40* nights. Will likely slow any growth but if they’re almost done, you won’t have much growth anyway. Should also bring out some nice fall colors in them.


Welcome to the community ! I agree with @BobbyDigital they should be fine, you may end up with some beautiful color . I have left them outside till the first Frost.

Thanks guys that’s a load off, they look great didn’t want to lose them. This my first outdoor grow, I had two grows indoor but didn’t have very good results. This one went pretty good, had a little problem when we got to much rain one weekend an thought I had lost the two in the ground but they bounced back. Thanks again

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