Almost ready for harvest?

From a fellow grower:

Hi here are pictures of my plants. I know it’s almost ready to harvest, but I’m not really sure when. Are any of these ready for harvest yet based on the pics? I would appreciate any advice thanks.

You cannot verify if a plant is ready from using the naked human eye . It’s not what the plant looks like , it’s what the trichomes look like , and the way you do that is to look inside the trichomes , resin glands , crystals , is with a jewels loupe of at least 60X magnification . Cannabis plants has 3 different stages of maturity , which determines when the grower decides of when or what stage he or she prefers to harvest . You have a clear to milky stage , you have a mlky cloudy to Amber stage , and you have an amber mostly milky stage . Each stage determines how strong and potent your buds will be , and the more milky cloudy Ambrose color stage is a more higher THC level of smoke . But no even the most novice grower or season cultivator could determine even from calendar days you cannot tell , the only way to confirm is to check trichomes with magnification .

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If one doesn’t have a loupe or magifing glass - the plant is ready for harvest when the “pistal’s” are 80% amber - form the picture you have reached the 80% mark and would harvest - if pistal go 100% amber you start to loose the thc and the plant becomes more of a body high, But still good !!!

More pictures were sent:

See to many clear “tic’s” Your flower time to date? and did you count the pre-flower stage? Looks like at least another week or so – -miss-counting in the pre-flower stage is common (pre-flower stage is when you switch to a 12/12 light cycle and the time it takes the plant to start bud development - THEN once bud site’s start to development start your flower time count down) Hope this helps !!