Almost no trichomes w11 quick one auto

Like the title says, I see very little amount of trichomes compared to my last grow. Am I tripping or should I keep waiting ? This autoflo should have been in flush à week ago but shes very big and taking her time.

Here are my two options, give her another dose of nutes today and hope shell get some tricomes soon, flush now (2 flushes for 1 week) since about 1/3 of the white hairs are orange and by the end of the flush they’ll prob all be orange.

Let me know what you think !

Ps: shes droopy because its watering day

Week 11 from sprout I assume you mean (not from start of flower). She looks like she has at least a few weeks left to go to me. I’d feed her.


Yes 11 weeks from sprout, since its an auto I doubt she has 3 whole weeks to go… thanks for your input :slight_smile:

Way too many white pistils to be checking trichomes yet


Ok, yea the nugs looked young to me too, I just think its crazy how smaller quick one autos get mature nugs around week 7-8

Also @CygnusX1 @Mr_Wormwood ive had her on 24 light for her whole life since shes auto, idk if that changes things

Did you happen to keep track of when she started showing flowers / heavy stretch?

What strain is she?

Auto’s will “usually” veg for “about” 4 weeks then flower for “about” 8-10 but there are variations as they pretty much do their own things from a timing perspective. I have a Gelato Auto running now that is still in veg and just entered week 6 from sprout.

Personally, I’d back the lights down to 18/6. There is a lot of recovery & growth that happens in the dark cycle and I’m a fan of giving them that.


Agreed on that

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Shes the strain “quick one” and she started stretching very quickly on week 3 (shes 1meter tall now which by comparaison with other quick ones ive seen seems huge). Flowering came around on week 5 (very early flowers)

I’ve read that trichome production takes place in the dark, other processes as well. Gotta let that girl sleep from time to time. Being an auto doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to sleep, it means she doesn’t need a 12/12 light cycle to trigger flowering. You can go 18/6 from start. Personally, I do 24 hrs a day for first few weeks then when transition begins I go to 18/6.


@CygnusX1 @Mr_Wormwood also about the light, I agree however for this grow I wanted to see what would happen on a 24 for its whole life as à sort of experiment. Unless you think its really gonna stress her à lot id kind of like to try to see its through at 24…

Mhm okay, well im gonna try to give her some dark then (3 people cant be wrong) should I go for gradual dark or 6h right off the bat ?

I think you’re seeing what’s happening with the light trichome production… I’d flip right to 18/6, she shouldn’t mind (and will likely be thankful).


Ok thanks for your guy’s help, ill switch to 18 6 tonight and feed today, hopefully shes still gonna be up for some tricome production in time for flush next week :slight_smile:

My dad used to say, if one person says you have a tail, flip that person off and keep moving, 3 people tell you, hey you have a tail. Better look and make sure you don’t have one.

I don’t know that it matters, I would do it for shock value. When getting to the end of the grow you wanna let her know that the end is near. Think this is why people do 48 hrs dark b4 the chop.

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Mind you, mine are outside, but there are noticably MORE trichomes in the morning. They become more pronounced when the sun is up and humidity down a little. Not confirming, but makes sense.

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Ive never heard of à 48 dark before chop, but I might try it. I just hope I havent greeded too long for her to want to get all tricommed up

I’m sure she’ll come along in the end

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Keep us posted, she looks good and healthy!

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Yea ill try and get you guys an update by the end of the week :slight_smile:

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