Almost Home - Old Family Purple / GSC / Durban Poison

First post here, second outdoor grow. This season I wanted to prevent the 9 ft trees I grew a few years ago. While the yield was great the issue of caring for, feeding, and hiding trees that put out a shall we say distinct smell was a challenge. Living near the 45th parallel (Oregon) in an area that has frost as early as mid September protecting trees in the outdoors was a challenge.

This years grow is 2 Durban Poison, outdoors with LST and topping to keep them around 4 feet tall, 1 GSC that I constrained in a 3 gallon pot and 1 Old Family Purple (CSI Humbolt).

I’m really hoping to beat the cold weather for a few more weeks. We have hit 32 twice already this year.


Well I believe you have completely ruined these girls what were you thinking? You should probably just package them up really carefully and overnight them to me and I will destroy them for you free of charge.

Lol they’re just beautiful plants, sure makes me miss growing outside. Great work :evergreen_tree::sunglasses: