Almost Harvest Time

We are days away


Holy smokes :astonished::astonished: hope u got a crew ready lmao

Cannabis on steroids :laughing: nice looking plants :+1:

I believe that something is wrong with each one of those, you better send me over a big sampling of each so I can try it out. Just to make sure that it won’t kill you.

:rofl::evergreen_tree::sunglasses: Great work… stay safe and enjoy sir

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Holy crap how did you grow that?

Those are beautiful plants. Nice work!

I didn’t grow em they are just drawn and fake, I know that they look real but it’s just a funny kinda making a McDonald’s mcnugget joke :rofl::joy::yum:

Wow, they look great, what strain/s are they?


Holy crap at first I thought they were the ones behind you. Damn neer … myself.Lol