Almost harvest time and need advise


I’m in my fifth week of flowering. They are small buds but for the first successful grow I’m happy. The things that are supposed to turn red or brown are really tiny. Should I still be able to see when they are about 60 percent color changed? Is there a rule of th

umb for cutting the stems?


Plant looks great, but in my opinion you have a ways to go. That’s why buds look so small, they’ll get quite a bit bigger.

When you start seeing majority of pistols going to darker colors, then you can start looking at the trichs go from clear to cloudy to amber. You’ll want to harvest based off of desired condition of them.

As far as general rule for cutting stems, I’m not aware of any. Don’t try to cut them with your trimming scissors. A heavier jaw garden shear usually works pretty good.


@dbrn32 is on point. Your buds fatten up in time. Its fun to watch them bulk up


A few more weeks you’ll be golden pony boy :wink:


Yup your got awhile yet there gonna fatten right up bro


Mix 1-2 teaspoons of unsulphured molasses per gal water ( warm works best ) make those buds fat and sugary .


I use molasses, but can’t say it makes a whole of difference in the buds. I use it to feed the microbes in the soil which probably has some sort of impact on all of the plants characteristics. But I can’t visibly notice any difference in resin content and bud size with or without it. I’m sure individual experiences vary though.


New question. When do I separate the buds from the setms? After I cut the plant and it is finished drying or when I cut the plant down?


I cut all my main colers (buds) off then trim all the leaves :leaves: don’t throw away makes great bubble hash but that’s something else! Anyway when that’s done :white_check_mark: i hang them up to dry on coat hangers to dry usually in my shed hope i helped


There is no wrong way. I cut the plant to manageable lengths, so a quick wet trim of the leaves and dry it. Once it is dry I do a final trim and then cure.


Week 7 and I had to harvest. Grow light dropped on one plant so I decided to harvest. The picture shows the buds drying but I have a few that are not in the pic. Did not see anything milky but the pistils are all reddish brown color. When to harvest is still in the learning stage. That will be the last lesson to learn. Going to grow just one plant next time.