Almost done?!?!?

So what do you think guys? I have a loop and a little light scope. I’m trying to check trichs and am not 100% confident in myself. It’s difficult to get a picture of them for you guys. I got my BD from ILGM, and the site says it flowers in 70 days. I’m on day 56 and have exactly two weeks to go according to the calendar. What do you guys think???


The “old timer” approach i heard, is to cut it when 70-80% of pistils(hairs) have gone amber-died.

When did you start counting the flowering time? Usually dont start counting until 2weeks after switched to 12/12

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Those trics still look mostly clear. Amazing how fat the colas are in consideration of trics maturity. I like 50/50 Milky Amber.


Best not to follow calendar. I see a lot of white pistils, best to let her go. She’s definitely still packing on the buds.

Something that at help, check trichs with a regular light instead of the colored led.

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I flipped them at 6/24. 70 days will be sep 2nd. I started counted the 24th. And the buds really plumped up in the last week. They’re so frosty all over. I was looking at all the white pistils also and noticed there were still many. Start to flush? For week or two? @hillcrest21678 @Donaldj @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971

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I don’t flush @Tdave1211 I stop feed 2-4 weeks out from harvest :+1:
And just ph water rest of the way
Woohoo hard part is the last few :+1:


And you need to show us pictures on natural light :wink:



That is nice and fat :heart_eyes:
You can look at this charts and take a decision… It’s a personal choice when to harvest
Clear - cloudy/milky… Head high
Cloudy/Milcky - 20/40% amber… Body high
Hope this help!

Picture #6 <3

Well it happened. HAD TO RIP EVWRYTHING DOWN. 12 days early. :rage::rage::rage: beyond pissed off

What happened?


I’m guessing he had to cut the grow early :frowning:

Lmfao that was stated @oldpro wanted to know why ??? We may never know tho happy growing

I’m back. Been too long but I made it back lol. Had a little scare with x baby mamma, got her set up and going and she ended up being a melignant @!# and threatened some #@! so I had to completely demolish EVERYTHING. Not trying to !@#$ around with dumb bitches and get caught up. But I’m back, no worries. Sorry for leaving everyone hanging for so long. My plan is to start back up and try the live soil no till this time. I’m very interested in that style of growing and am about to jump right in it. Any information on NTG would be amazing.

Thanks guys