Almost 4 week old Blueberry Auto

Started LST, Seems a bit leggy and not a lot of leaves. Look ok?

PH just under 7, no blemishes or bugs I can see : )


That stretch is typically due to her needing more direct sunlight. She is stretching for light.


Definitely leggy, but looks otherwise healthy. I second @Zee. The good news is, the stretching will help you with your LST, but you want to get your light situation sorted before she flowers. That has consistently been as soon as they grow their 6th/7th node in the batch of seeds I’ve been running. It does vary from breeder to breeder and strain to strain but, you’re probably closer than you realize.

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Sorry to say but for 4 weeks it doesn’t look good at all, is it alive? Yes but is it healthy… Eh not really.

First thing we all see is how long the spaces are in between the leaf sets and thus we mean the nodes, lighting is no where near adequate.

Secondly sounds like your in soil and it looks like it to but what type of soil? Looks like it has bark on the top or some sort of mulch.
You really need to grow cannabis in coco with 40% perlite or if you must you can get half the plant out of a good high quality soil grow if you layer a light and a hot high quality soil mixed with 30-40% perlite.
A PH of 7 is way to high you should be watering at 6.5,but now that you have watered at 7 for so long you have made issues and thus you need to water at like 6.3 until it comes out the bottom at 6.2-6.8 (this is the ideal soil PH range)
That being said run off PH for soil is terribly inaccurate so you should do a soil slurry test (google it) that’s the only way to find the true PH of your soil.

Finally your in the wrong pot, it’s plastic or its clay and that means the soil won’t drain properly and the plants roots will get root bound once they hit the side. Grow cannabis in cloth pots.

Sorry to be the Debby downer but sort this out and you’ll start growing much better.
I highly recommend switching to coco I grew in soil for a year and a half and grew great autos indoors for soil but coco gives you double the plant

Yikes. Ok. Thx.

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